Daniel Silke Launches New Talk – “The State we’re In: The World, Africa and South Africa

“The State We’re In:  The World, Africa & South Africa”

Daniel Silke’s latest ‘all in one’ expert Keynote Presentation! Politically and economically, change is all around us.  From a cash-strapped Europe & financially strained US to the emergence of a rising China – the global rules of the game are shifting rapidly. Investment opportunities are now opening across new regions of the world and selected African countries are for the first time showing signs of becoming impressive growth engines of the future.  Within this changing context, South Africa is struggling to compete. While there have been impressive economic successes, service delivery is weak and fault-lines are emerging to create political risk. After Mangaung and Marikana and with Cyril Ramaphosa back in senior office, new dynamics are affecting the political scene.

The ANC remains powerful – yet still fragile. The electorate is changing as the country approaches 2014 election and new political personalities are making their voices heard. Acclaimed Political Analyst, Author and Keynote Speaker Daniel Silke now offers a broad Global, African and South African analysis – covering the key economic and political drivers of change. In 60 minutes, this comprehensive presentation will whisk you across the world identifying the latest economic and political trends. From the strategic role of the BRICS nations to the economic costs of demographic and climate change; from the rise of the African consumer to the effects of debt and downgrades on the domestic SA economy; from President Zuma’s Mangaung victory to new policy options for the future – all expertly illustrated, dynamically presented and sure to educate, invigorate and subtly motivate any audience.

Now – for the first time – get the Global, African and South African view all in one keynote. Ideal as a conference opening address or ‘scene-setter’, this presentation is currently the most comprehensive available on the market. It delivers the latest – and constantly updated – political and economic analysis and is therefore essential in informing delegates about the ever-changing world around them.

Give your delegates the full-picture – Daniel Silke’s “The State We’re In” does just that! For more information and to book Daniel Silke – contact kirsty@conferencespeakers.co.za or 082 674 3610

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