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Outstanding South African & Globally-themed business presentations for conferences, corporate events, management forums & seminars world-wide.

South African Keynotes

The latest interpretation & analysis of the South African political, economic and social environment.

The Post-Mandela & Pre-Election South Africa: SA Prepares for the Polls. Topical & New for January to May 2014

South African politics is likely to be more robust and unpredictable as the country enters election season. The fifth democratic poll comes at a time when the ruling ANC Alliance is more vulnerable and divided than ever.  Economic stagnation fuelled by persistent unemployment and low growth rates are compounded by on-going labour unrest and intra-union rivalries.

Economic pressures are exacerbated by political and leadership questions surrounding the Presidency of Jacob Zuma with both being at the forefront of the coming election. President Zuma will attempt to fend off criticism of his role in Nkandla while the ANC will move to promote its contentious National Development Plan (NDP) as the cornerstone of its growth plan for the future while the unpopular e-tolls become an issue in Gauteng.

The passing of Nelson Mandela and his legacy has focused the minds of South Africans on current deficiencies in the political realm. The ‘Mandela’ effect is likely to be felt during the election campaign as all parties try to invoke his contribution to support their own vision for the future.

For the ANC, internal personality and policy differences have culminated in tensions within the broader Alliance and particularly within COSATU. And, new political parties like the EFF (Malema) and Agang (Ramphlele) offer South Africans more political choices than ever before. In addition, the DA is looking to make an electoral breakthrough specifically amongst a new generation of younger black voter.

In this brand new keynote, Independent Political Analyst & Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, Daniel Silke, provides a timely, insightful and unbiased account of the domestic political and economic pressures likely to influence the outcome of Election 2014.

Will the ANC vote drop to below 60%? What are the chances of Jacob Zuma remaining on and completing his term of office? Can the opposition make enough headway to threaten the ANC in the future? Can the NDP be implemented and who are the contenders for power in a future? These and other options will be fully explored and make for a fascinating insight into the short-to-medium term domestic political scene.

This is an essential presentation for any business as South Africa moves to transition to a new political future. Combining political, economic & social trends, this is ideal for conventions, conferences or smaller briefings and is sure to be one of the most important keynotes you will want to hear prior to Election 2014.

Critical Issues Facing South Africa: The Political Economy in Perspective. An essential political & economic briefing for all audiences.

South Africa finds herself at a political and economic crossroads. As the country celebrates 20 years of democracy, alternative visions for its economic future are beginning to emerge.

How successful has South Africa been since 1994 and where is its political economy going? Independent Political Analyst & Director of the Political Futures Consultancy Daniel Silke will challenge your conference with a future-oriented and broad-ranging presentation offering the latest analysis of major economic, political and social trends facing the country.

This may include (inter-alia) the state of the economy both within the domestic and global context; social & demographic challenges; labour-relations issues; current tensions within and prospects for COSATU and rival unions; prospects for South Africa’s competitiveness; the role of infrastructure development; the BRICS partnerships as well as current emerging market issues.

Silke will also focus on the role and efficiency of the State and the debate for and against the National Development Plan (NDP). In particular, this keynote will address the question of how economic policy debates around competing visions for economic growth are likely to define and potentially divide the broader ANC Alliance in the years to come.

Marrying the key economic debates of the modern South African era with Silke’s canny insights into the rough and tumble of the domestic political process makes this one topical presentation you will not want to miss!

This is one of the few South African keynotes to offer both an economic & political overview of the current and future prospects for the country and represents excellent value for any conference. Although not someone to gloss over the real challenges facing the country, Silke’s analysis is timely and provides an essential underpinning for business in the country going forward. Not to be missed!

The Saga of Modern South Africa: An introduction to South Africa’s transformation and quest for stable democracy. Exclusively Designed for Foreign Audiences!

Independent Political Analyst Daniel Silke presents a broad introduction to South Africa and how the country is governed. A general overview of the story of the new South Africa from the dark days of the past, through the Mandela years towards a new system of government and the unique transition to democracy.  Fully updated to include the passing of Nelson Mandela and the effect on the psyche and politics of South Africans, this keynote is Ideal for in-bound, incentive, business and special-interest groups looking for a comprehensive scene-set or orientation. The keynote also includes a comprehensive overview of the critical social, political and economic issues facing the country. This entertaining and compelling presentation is optimized for foreign audiences and designed as an opening keynote for international conferences in South Africa.

Your essential introductory keynote for any foreign audience or conference with large numbers of foreign delegates.

Global Keynotes

From Global Trends & Volatility to the rise of China & India – these international Keynotes are fully illustrated and applicable world-wide and in SA.

Tracking the Future: Top Trends to Transform the Globe to 2050!  Most Requested Presentation!  

Do you know the future of the World? Get ready for a thrilling ride! As the Western world recovers from a dramatic financial crisis and new regions, countries & technologies develop, key trends are emerging that will influence all our lives – for some time to come.

Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke presents a compelling, challenging yet highly entertaining new analysis of the top global trends that will transform the world over the next four decades. Constantly updated with the latest trend drivers, Silke identifies key areas of dramatic change that will affect us as individuals or in the business environment. Some of these changes are already here – and many more are coming at a ferocious speed.

Power shifts towards new developing and emerging nations will alter our mindset. A new Industrial Revolution is with us – this time regionally defined towards new economic hubs.  Business practice, the changing consumer, technology and dramatic demographic shifts all conspire to create The World 2.0 – a new way of understanding a shifting planet and its human practices.

This presentation will identify and explain these changes in an all-encompassing talk – fully illustrated, customizable and applicable to a wide variety of industries and delegates. It is designed to inform and entertain – and is also available as a critically acclaimed book published by Tafelberg.

Trends may include (inter-alia):

  • China, India, Africa & the ‘rise of the rest’.
  • The new Industrial Revolution & role of Technology
  • The rise of urban living and the role of cities.
  • Capitalism under review:  Austerity, ethics & the end of excess
  • Regulation and the changing face of globalization
  • New ‘soft & hard power’ players in the world
  • From G8 to G20 to BRICS & beyond: A more competitive world?
  • Science & Health:  Converging & changing human-kind
  • Energy, Food, Agriculture & Sustainability in the future.
  • People & the Planet: Demographics to shift the planet
  • The ‘She-Conomy’: The role of Women in the Future.
  • The Changing Consumer Landscape: The consumer of the future

New! Tracking the Future: Leadership Development Training & Workshop Benefits

Tracking the Future is now also available in a workshop format. The presentation will be followed by a moderated group discussion to dissect each trend, its relevance and effect on business and on the immediate macro corporate & social environment. Alternatively, breakaway groups can individually analyse selected trends and report back to a plenary.

6 Key Benefits of Tracking the Future for Leadership Development

  • Provides selected staff with a broad global overview and opportunity for stimulating debate
  • Offers an international insight into the latest global trends
  • Assists in identifying potential leaders via their participation
  • Enables emerging leaders to engage critical issues and develop new insights which can then apply directly in the work-place
  • Facilitates communication across cultures via group discussions of critical global challenges in a user-friendly & non-threatening environment
  • Integrates Daniel Silke’s new book as a recommended text

New! Tracking the Future: Customised to your Conference & Industry.

Due to popular demand, Tracking the Future can now be customised to a variety of industries making it even more directly relevant to conference audiences. This includes sectors as diverse as financial services (banking & related professional services), retail, travel, technology, construction, engineering and government services. Global trends relating to economic prospects, customer demographics and demands, consumer-centric shifts and regional and geo-political insights all contribute to niche marketing and business strategy. Case-study analysis within this context also offered.

  1. 5.    Business Shock – 60 facts in 60 minutes to change your business! New and Essential for 2014

It may be a cliché that the world of business is changing more rapidly than ever. But, do you know the scope of this change? Are your employees, delegates and management team informed about the enormity of global change that is shifting the mindsets of the future?

In his latest, fast-paced, exciting and invigorating new conference keynote, Political Analyst, Author & Global Futurist Daniel Silke will present 60 key facts in 60 minutes that will shake and shift your world into the future. Fully illustrated and referenced, Silke will travel around the world explaining how population trends will impact future decision-making. He will look at the latest insights into consumer behaviour; how technology is shifting our habits and how the rise of new super-powers will alter the global economic landscape.

Silke will also address political, educational and generational changes that will dramatically alter the way we think and operate. Above all else, this is a challenging, sometimes shocking, yet immensely entertaining keynote that raises 60 issues for any business in any industry. How you react to Silke’s 60 challenges will determine whether you sink or swim into the future. This might just be the most important 60 minutes you and your delegates will spend!

  1. 6.    The Consumer of the Future – How political, economic, social & technological trends influence & drive the discerning consumer. 

The world is changing rapidly and the consumer of the future is upon us. In this important and timely presentation, Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke identifies a series of key social, political, economic and technological trends and shows how these will affect every aspect of the customer experience in the years to come.

The presentation will look at how consumers are changing their thinking patterns after a recession and are becoming much more discerning in their demands and choices. Increasing competition from new entrants in the consumer space call for a renewed focus on customer-centric initiatives.

In addition, the effect of a growing developing world; the rise of China, India & Africa; new powerful multi-ethnic groups; demographic changes; technological innovation; big data; mobile banking and payments; the internet of things and protecting the planet now all play a vital part in analysing the psyche and behaviour of consumers.

This unique presentation is ideal for any conference dealing with sales and future change. It aims to make participants aware of the global trends that will change the way they interact with their clients or customers. And, it will prepare them for some of the biggest trend drivers in the decade to come.

Take politics, economics, social change & technology, mix them together and this is one presentation not to be missed!

Emerging Worlds – The BRICS & Beyond:  The Influence & Impact of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa & the Rise of the Rest.  Brand New Insights & Analysis!

This may well be the Emerging Markets Century – and the countries to watch are the BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Or are they?

Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke identifies these five emerging super-powers that are set to dominate global affairs for the rest of our lifetimes. Their growing economies, population, skills and political clout make them all highly influential in almost every aspect of life.

And yet, they all have very different social and political dynamics and are all fraught with internal debates about economic policy into the future. Clearly, how these countries interact with each other and the broader world will change the future of finance, business & politics for us all.

There is also life beyond BRICS. With faltering growth rates, investors are constantly looking elsewhere in the developing and frontier market environment. But, markets like Turkey, India and Indonesia have suffered currency and confidence dips in recent months making them (and others) more fragile. Silke will analyse and assess these and other contradictions.

Africa holds out much promise as it becomes a growing region and stakes its claim to recognition & investment. Can it lay claim to be a future economic powerhouse?

Delving into the fortunes of emerging markets, Political Analyst and Futurist Daniel Silke identifies the key political, economic and demographic drivers affecting their future. And, he also identifies Africa and a number of other regional powers and country-groupings as important additions to this debate.

Can the BRICS (and the rest) really provide a political alternative and new power-base globally? Will these nations work together or will they drift apart? Will the BRICS support a move away from the US Dollar as a store of global value?

Can the BRICS change the dynamics of international organizations like the UN, IMF and WTO?  And, are there other countries and regional groupings that might conflict or compete with the BRICS? These questions and more will be answered in this important new address.

An essential introduction to these issues in an accessible & entertaining format.

Arise Africa: The Compelling Case for Investing in Africa.  Constantly updated & always essential!

In May 2000, the Economist Magazine referred to Africa as ‘The Hopeless Continent”.  A decade later, the same magazine extolled the virtues of Africa in another cover story – this time more positively entitled ‘Africa Rising’.

Over the last decade much of Africa has been changing – for the better. Its economic growth has out-grown East Asia – including Japan. Seven out of the top ten growth economies world-wide over the next five years are African. By 2015, well over 100m Africans will populate a new middle class with, for the first time, a discretionary income.

Urbanization and the rise of African cities will be critical in providing economic and employment opportunities to the millions who will desert the rural areas in the hope for a better life. And, as Africa’s population increases, so its connectivity through at least 600m cellphone subscribers affords a greater integration globally and improved standards of living.

Silke also places Africa within the global context as China and other developing and developed economic powers seek both investment opportunities and future commodity security. And, with Africa set to experience an oil and gas boom, new issues and opportunities arise.

In Daniel Silke’s latest conference keynote, the acclaimed international Political Analyst and author of ‘Tracking the Future’ presents a compelling case for Africa’s growth. His dynamic presentation is filled with the latest and most authoritative statistical and analytical evidence to show the emergence of the continent as a force in world business, trade and labour.

This keynote does not shy away from the tough realities that often hold back investors’ enthusiasm – such as weak governance, graft, logistical and related infrastructure bottlenecks.

However, Silke offers a compelling, entertaining and above all highly positive account of why the time for Africa is now and why Africa will be critical to global growth in the future.

This keynote is essential for anyone thinking about investing on the continent or any business keen to learn about the growth potential that Africa affords the world. 


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