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South African Keynotes

The latest interpretation & analysis of the South African political, economic and social environment.

1.   The Post-Mangaung South Africa: Making Sense of Mangaung and Beyond.  Topical & New for 2013!

South African politics has been dominated by the political ructions caused in the build-up to the ANC’s elective conference held at Mangaung. Despite the much-maligned leadership of President Zuma, his impressive re-election was almost as significant as the return of ANC heavyweight Cyril Ramaphosa, as Deputy President of the party. For some, Mangaung potentially represents an important turning point for the ANC and the country as the ruling party attempts to build another victory in advance of the 2014 General Election But for others, is this perhaps just more of the same?

In this brand new keynote, Independent Political Analyst & Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, Daniel Silke, provides a timely, insightful and unbiased account of the implications of the Mangaung conference for South Africa. What really happened at the conference and how will Mangaung affect the ANC and South Africa into the future? Does Cyril Ramaphosa represent a new shift towards a more business-friendly ANC?

What will be the pressures on the new leadership of the party? Can the ANC unite or will it remain a divided organization into the future? What are the policy and ideological strains within the ruling Alliance that hamper the creation of a more coherent and stable economic policy? Can Opposition to the ANC grow further as a result of Mangaung and what will the view of foreign investors be as they contemplate the shifting political landscape? Above all, Can Cyril Ramaphosa come to the rescue of Jacob Zuma and help the ANC hold onto its power-base as it approaches the crucial 2014 election?

Finally, Silke will look at three possible scenarios for the future:  Will Jacob Zuma last his full term of office or will he be recalled and replaced? Will the nature of the Presidency change to enable Cyril Ramaphosa to play an elevated, more ‘Prime Ministerial’ role leaving Jacob Zuma to ceremonial duties? Or perhaps, President Zuma may complete a full second term as President with Ramaphosa as his lifeline – by his side? These and other options will be fully explored and make for a fascinating insight into the short-to-medium term domestic political scene.

This is an essential presentation as South Africa moves to transition to a new political future.  Ideal for conventions, conferences or smaller briefings both in and outside South Africa, this is sure to be one of the most important keynotes you will want to hear post-Mangaung.

2.   The State of the Nation: An essential cutting-edge political & economic briefing for domestic or foreign audiences. Now get Economic & Political Analysis all in one Keynote!

Where is South Africa’s political economy going in the future? Independent Political Analyst & Director of the Political Futures Consultancy Daniel Silke will challenge your conference with a future-oriented and broad-ranging presentation offering the latest analysis of major economic & political trends facing the country.

This may include (inter-alia) the state of the economy; social & demographic challenges; labour-relations issues relating to unemployment; prospects for foreign investment; infrastructure development; regional & foreign policy; the role and efficiency of the State; the Nationalisation debate versus the implementation of the National Development Plan; the quality of and threats to our democracy as well as the complexities of the political debate going forward.

In particular, this Keynote will address the question of how economic policy debates around competing visions for economic growth are likely to define and potentially divide the ANC in the years to come. The latest leadership changes in the ANC following Mangaung will be a key area of focus as the ruling Alliance continues to be strained by ideological divisions. Marrying the key economic debates of the modern South African era with Silke’s canny insights into the rough and tumble of the domestic political process makes this one topical presentation you will not want to miss!

This is one of the few South African keynotes to offer both an economic & political overview of the current and future prospects for the country and represents excellent value for any conference.

  1. 3.     Critical Issues Facing South Africa in the Future: Navigating through choppy domestic and international waters. A comprehensive and honest account of South Africa’s current and future prospects.

South Africa finds herself at a political and economic crossroads. The essence of the goodwill achieved in the drafting of the new constitution in 1994 is being questioned by the rise of a number of different and competing visions for the country’s economic future. And, with the ANC under increasing political pressure as it approaches the 2014 election, this period in the country’s history is likely to be fraught with uncertainty, unease and intense political debate.

With his usual deep insights, analytical flair and entertaining delivery, Independent Political Analyst Daniel Silke tackles the coming political upheavals in a rational and coherent fashion – explaining the context for the looming debates and providing an understanding for the way forward – perhaps changing again since the Mangaung conference.

Silke’s latest analysis will cover the debate over increasing State intervention in the economy and on-going debates around nationalisation and mining policy; the controversies surrounding labour & land-ownership; the latest trends in the domestic economy; South Africa in a changing global political and economic context as well as address the question over whether South Africa’s political future will in any way emulate that of the popular protests found in North Africa.

This presentation will also address South Africa’s global competitiveness and will assess whether its core domestic deliverables of education, health-case and business-friendly stability are coping in a globally competitive world.  Assessing the country’s strengths and weaknesses is critical in understanding the tough choices needed to become a breakout nation into the future. Finally, the increasing importance of the BRICS countries will be analyzed in relation to South Africa’s recent inclusion.

This Keynote is clearly one of the most comprehensive and important currently offered to the corporate and convention market. Although not someone to gloss over the real challenges facing the country, Silke’s analysis is timely and provides an essential underpinning for business in the country going forward. Not to be missed!

3.   The Saga of Modern South Africa: An introduction to South Africa’s transformation and quest for stable democracy. Exclusively Designed for Foreign Audiences!

Independent Political Analyst Daniel Silke presents a broad introduction to South Africa and how the country is governed. A general overview of the story of the new South Africa from the dark days of the past, through the Mandela years towards a new system of government and the unique transition to democracy.  This keynote is Ideal for in-bound, incentive, business and special-interest groups looking for a comprehensive scene-set or orientation. This entertaining and compelling presentation also covers the ‘political geography’ of the country and outlines languages, ethnic diversity and coping with change from a political and social perspective. Optimized for foreign audiences and designed as an opening keynote for international conferences in South Africa.

Your essential introductory keynote for any foreign audience or conference with large numbers of foreign delegates.

Global Keynotes

From Global Trends & Volatility to the rise of China & India – these international Keynotes are fully illustrated and applicable world-wide and in SA.

4.  Tracking the Future: Top Trends to Transform the Globe to 2050!  Most Requested Presentation!   

Now the title of a major new book by Daniel Silke: Do you know the future of the World? Get ready for a thrilling ride! As the world struggles to emerge from a dramatic financial crisis, key trends are emerging that will influence all our lives – for some time to come. Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke presents a compelling and challenging new analysis of the top global trends that will transform the world over the next four decades. Silke identifies key areas of dramatic change that will affect all our lives – as individuals, in society or in the business environment. Some of these changes are already here – and many more are coming at a ferocious speed. Power shifts towards new developing and emerging nations will alter our mindset. A new Industrial Revolution is with us – this time regionally defined towards new economic hubs.  Business practice, the changing work-place, technology and dramatic demographic shifts all conspire to create The World 2.0 – a new way of understanding a shifting planet and its human practices.  This presentation will identify and explain these changes in an all-encompassing talk – fully illustrated, customizable and not to be missed. It is designed to inform and entertain – and is now available as a critically acclaimed book published by Tafelberg.

Trends may include:

  • China, India, Africa & the Rise of the Rest
  • The New Industrial Revolution & the Rise of Urban Living
  • Capitalism Under Review:  Austerity, Ethics & the end of Excess
  • Regulation Changes the Face of Globalization
  • New Soft & Hard Power-Players in the World
  • From G8 to G20:  The Decline of US Influence?
  • Generation NET & the Millenials:  Technology, Internet  & Youth Culture
  • Science & Health:  Converging & Changing Human-kind
  • People & the Planet: Demographics & Scarce Natural Resources
  • The Changing Consumer Landscape: New Consumers & New Demands
  • Retaining Talent: The Role of Knowledge, Innovation & Infrastructure

Now the topic of the critically acclaimed book by Daniel Silke!

New! Tracking the Future: Leadership Development Training & Workshop Benefits

Tracking the Future is now also available in a workshop format. The presentation will be followed by a moderated group discussion to dissect each trend, its relevance and effect on business and on the immediate macro corporate & social environment. Alternatively, breakaway groups can individually analyse selected trends and report back to a plenary.

6 Key Benefits of Tracking the Future for Leadership Development

  • Provides selected staff with a broad global overview and opportunity for stimulating debate
  • Offers an international insight into the latest global trends
  • Assists in identifying potential leaders via their participation
  • Enables emerging leaders to engage critical issues and develop new insights which can then apply directly in the work-place
  • Facilitates communication across cultures via group discussions of critical global challenges in a user-friendly & non-threatening environment
  • Integrates Daniel Silke’s new book as a recommended text

“Truly Fantastic”: Grant Thornton International

  1. 6.    The State of the World: Making Sense of Global Volatility. New & Essential for 2013!

One of the world’s premier global overviews. A rare chance to understand where the world is at right now and what to look for in the future. This is a comprehensive analysis of current political, economic and social issues and their impact on the business environment now and into the future. 

It’s never going to be ‘business as usual’ ever again. The global economic, political and social order is undergoing immense & significant change and volatility is set to become the key driver of the future. These shifts represent some of the most important hazards – and opportunities – for business ever to be experienced in the lifetime of most of us.

With the rise of new power-players coming from Asia, Africa & South America, both economic and political power is shifting. With both the United States and Europe economically strained, their global leadership role is now in doubt leaving a power-vacuum in the world. With China, India and other emerging markets’ rise as the economic super-powers of the future, a host of questions around their integration into the global economy come to the fore.

Technology is driving a new aggressive population who are also informed like never before. And, technology is shifting and disrupting just about everything we do – from enabling us to live longer to changing our shopping habits. Population growth is now unevenly distributed across the world causing future success for some – and economic constraints for others. Similarly, climate change will advantage new regions of the world as the globe heats up. New middle-classes in their hundreds-of-millions are rising again – this time in newly emerging markets and mass urbanized environments causing the largest shift of wealth and consumer spending since the industrial revolution. A changing work-force is demanding new working conditions in a dramatic work-place shift from the past.

And, this is just the beginning in the coming age of volatility. Isn’t it time your business understood these seismic shifts and prepared for the future? Do your employees or associates grasp the dramatic changes to affect their business (and personal) lives? Does your company understand just how rapid and fundamental these changes will be in the near future?

Only by grasping the dynamic macro environment can you begin to plan ahead. And that’s where Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke’s new keynote really counts. Where will growth come from? Who are tomorrow’s big spenders? Which media channels will be the key to information gathering and dissemination in the future? Which global companies are best equipped to deal with the age of volatility? What will really change and challenge your business mindset?

Following on the runaway success of Daniel Silke’s flagship keynote Tracking the Future (and his new book of the same title) this new presentation is characteristically informative, entertaining and motivational. It is a wake-up call for business to grasp the global changes before them and will leave an audience prepared to tackle new directions or initiatives. However, this keynote is also a reality check on a world in which grasping reality is much more important than always assuming all will be well (and stable) in the future!

This keynote is applicable for a wide range of conferences. It may also be customized for selected industries in the public sector, retail, financial services, agricultural and resources (commodities) sectors. It can also include a segment on South Africa’s political/economic future or it can be entirely global in scope. The keynote is expertly illustrated and is best presented in a 60 minutes time slot although shorter versions can be accommodated. It may also be extended into a workshop format for more in-depth discussions and ‘breakaway’ sessions.

  1. 7.     The Consumer of the Future – How global political, social & economic trends influence & drive the discerning consumer. 

The world is changing rapidly and the consumer of the future is upon us. In this important and timely presentation, Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke identifies a series of key social, political and economic trends and shows how these trends will affect every aspect of the customer experience in the years to come. 

The presentation will look at how consumers are changing their thinking patterns after a recession and are becoming much more discerning in their demands and choices. In addition, the effect of a growing developing world; the rise of China, India & Africa; new powerful multi-ethnic groups; demographic changes; technology and protecting the planet now all play a vital part in the psyche and behaviour of consumers. This unique presentation is ideal for any conference dealing with sales and future change. It aims to make participants aware of the global trends that will change the way they interact with their clients or customers. And, it will prepare them for some of the biggest trend drivers in the decade to come.

Take politics, economics, social change & technology, mix them together and this is one presentation not to be missed!

5.   The BRICS Future:  The Influence & Impact of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa & the Rise of the Rest on the World.  Brand New Insights & Analysis!

This is the Emerging Markets Century – and the countries to watch are the BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa. How these countries – which today contribute in excess of 50% of global growth – interact and progress will change the future of finance, business & politics in the world.

Political Analyst & Futurist Daniel Silke identifies these five emerging super-powers that are set to dominate global affairs for the rest of our lifetimes. Their growing economies, population, skills and political clout make them all highly influential in almost every aspect of life. And Africa too, as a continent, holds out much promise as it also becomes a vital developing region and stakes its claim to recognition & investment.

Delving into the fortunes of these nations Political Analyst and Futurist Daniel Silke identifies the key political, economic and demographic dynamics of these growing societies. And, he also identifies Africa and a number of other regional powers and country-groupings as important additions to this debate.  Can the BRICS (and the rest) really provide a political alternative and new power-base globally? Will these nations work together or will they drift apart? Will the BRICS support a move away from the US Dollar as a store of global value? Can the BRICS change the dynamics of international organizations like the UN, IMF and WTO?  And, are there other countries and regional groupings that might conflict or compete with the BRICS? These questions and more will be answered in this important new address.

An essential introduction to these issues in an accessible & entertaining format.

“Compelling”:  South African Subtropical Growers’ Association

6.   Arise Africa: The Compelling Case for Investing in Africa.  Constantly updated & always essential!

In May 2000, the Economist Magazine referred to Africa as ‘The Hopeless Continent”.  A decade later, the same magazine extolled the virtues of Africa in another cover story – this time more positively entitled ‘Africa Rising’.

Over the last decade much of Africa has been changing – for the better. Its economic growth has out-grown East Asia – including Japan. Seven out of the top ten growth economies world-wide over the next five years are African. By 2015, well over 100m Africans will populate a new middle class with, for the first time, a discretionary income. And, as Africa’s population increases, so its connectivity through at least 600m cellphone subscribers affords a greater integration globally and improved standards of living.

In Daniel Silke’s latest conference keynote, the acclaimed international Political Analyst and author of ‘Tracking the Future’ presents a compelling case for Africa’s growth. His dynamic presentation is filled with the latest and most authoritative statistical and analytical evidence to show the emergence of the continent as a force in world business, trade and labour.

While not shying away from the tough realities that often holds back investors’ enthusiasm, Silke offers a compelling and entertaining account of why the time for Africa is now and why Africa will be critical to global growth in the future.

This keynote is essential for anyone thinking about investing on the continent or any business keen to learn about the growth potential that Africa affords the world.

Daniel Silke is recognized as one of South Africa’s leading Political Analysts, Futurists and most passionate Keynote Speakers. As Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, Silke serves a host of major blue-chip companies with outstanding keynotes and workshops aimed at the convention, conference and events industries. He has 15 years experience in delivering stimulating, entertaining and insightful presentations on South African, African and Global political and economic trends. His client list includes Oracle, CISCO, PriceWaterhouse, MTN, KPMG, FirstRand, Grant Thornton, Deloittes, Sanlam, Estee Lauder, FNB, SunGard and ABSA. Silke is the author of the acclaimed new book Tracking the Future: Top trends that will shape South Africa and the World and regularly appears on CNBC Africa, and E-News Channel Africa (ENCA) while his comments are carried by Bloomberg, AFP, Deutsche Welle, the BBC, SABC and in Business Day.

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