Daniel Silke appears on “The Justice Factor”

Political Economy analyst and Director of the Political Futures Consultancy Daniel Silke this week was a guest on South Africa’s premier television news discussion programme, “The Justice Factor” hosted by Justice Malala. In the interview, Silke addressed a wide range of current South African political developments.

See: http://www.enca.com/thejusticefactor

Daniel Silke presents a wide variety of acclaimed and highly topical corporate keynote presentations on current South Africa, Africa and Global political economy trends and topical issues. His most requested presentations include:

  • South Africa: Uncharted Waters – A comprehensive look into South Africa’s current and future political economy trends. One of South Africa’s flagship keynotes to combine politics and economics.
  • Arise Africa: Prospects for Africa’s continued economic growth amidst a rapidly changing and increasingly volatile global environment. Critical information for businesses moving into or already operating on the continent.
  • Global Watch 2016: A comprehensive overview of the world economy and emerging political, social and technological trends set to challenge business into the year ahead. A broad global view of where the world is at – now and tomorrow.

In addition, Daniel customises keynotes for specific industries and has an extensive range of topics for any business audience, event or function.

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