The cupcakes didn’t work out – oops! – Sarah Bauling

cream-roses-cupcakesFor years my friends and colleagues claimed that I was “The cupcake queen.”

No-one ever asked how I made such awesome cupcakes, and since they didn’t ask, I didn’t tell!
The truth is; I had found a cup cake premix and all you had to do was add an egg, water and oil; mix it up, bake and WALLAH …… perfect cupcakes!

One evening we were having friends over so I rushed out to the shop, grabbed 2 boxes of premix and headed home.

As I was mixing it I could see something wasn’t quite right and after tasting it discovered that the company had clearly put the icing mix into the pre-mix box – oops!
The next day I called them, they immediately admitted they had discovered the error that morning and were currently collecting ALL deliveries from that particular batch.
To make it up to me they offered to send me replacements.

The next morning, delivered to my door was a box of boxes. In the box of boxes was every single flavour of cupcakes and muffins they had. I thought I had landed in Heaven!
They gave me a call to confirm I had received the “Heaven sent box” as well as asking if I could send them feedback on some of the flavours they had included!

Clever! I was happy to have been reimbursed without a song and dance, I also felt excited about trying the new flavours which I would probably have never tried.

These days when I reach for a cupcake premix at my local store there is only one brand that I will use and if I see a new flavour I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

They created a loyal, raving fan by simply fixing their mistake in their own sweet way!

How can you excite and delight your customers when you find that the “Cupcakes don’t work out”?

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