The Contract with Yourself – Dineshrie Pillay

Img13172The first contract that you sign should be the one with yourself!

Durban-born leadership speaker and trainer Dineshrie Pillay, launched her book, The Contract with Yourself at glitzy events held on 29th October 2014 at Skoobs book store in Monte Casino, Johannesburg, South Africa and on the 30th October 2014 at The Durban Country Club, Durban, South Africa. Published by Quick Fox Publishing, this self-help book poses a series of reflective exercises to enable you to write your personal life contract.

The inspiration for the book started with Pillay’s boxes of memorabilia that included, inter alia, a collection of birthday cards, entrance stubs to events, photo’s, gratitude journal, affirmations, goals, vision boards and quotations. Eventually, due to a lack of storage space, Pillay decided to collate the memorabilia into one document that she initially termed, “Planning for Life”. Pillay later changed the title to “The Contract with Myself” when she realised the impact of what she was creating. Said Pillay, “I would maintain my ‘contract’ on an ongoing basis – I found it highly inspiring to constantly review where I have come from, where I am going and what I need to do right now towards achieving my next big goal.” In the book, Pillay takes you on a journey to creating your personalised contract with yourself.

Ricky Engelbrecht,  Sales Manager and a Distinguished Toastmaster had this to say about the book, “One truly undermines yourself. After reading “The Contract with Yourself” by Dineshrie Pillay I found that I was very guilty of many of the concepts Dineshrie talks about. How often do we neglect “Me Time” which she describes in her book? A truly eye-opening read and easy life lessons we know, yet we don’t live by.”

Dineshrie Pillay FCMA, CA(SA), DTM, is a Business Partnering Specialist, public speaking trainer and coach who help Business Owners and Professionals to reach new levels of personal growth. Dineshrie can teach you to become a business partner so you can:

  1. Have Incredible Self-Worth;
  2. Be an Inspirational Speaker;
  3. Implement Invaluable Business Insights;
  4. Be an Influential leader in business.

Dineshrie is available for interviews and appearances. For booking of interviews, public talks, book signings and / or workshops for your company contact –

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