Conrad Koch in “My PRO Doll and Nurofriends”


The local comedy industry has never looked in better shape than it does in 2011. Live stand up comedy is the new rage with local and international comedians enthralling growing hordes of comedy audiences nationwide. As comedians provide us with countless comedy shows and offerings, now more than ever before in South African comedy is there a need to be more innovative, cutting edge, out of the box and unique.

It is in this backdrop that comedy fans will be thrilled to know that “Entertainer of the Year 2010” – Conrad Koch – the country’s pioneering and only celebrated professional ventriloquist brings to South Africa, the first ever locally produced live ventriloquist comedy show. His much-anticipated one-man show entitled, “MY PRO DOLL & NUROFRIENDS” will be taking place at the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square in Sandton City from the 2nd to the 27th of August 2011 proudly sponsored by Altech Autopage Cellular.

Ventriloquism has seen a mini renaissance in the entertainment world globally – this show aims to be South Africa’s own world-class contribution to the movement.
“MY PRO DOLL & NUROFRIENDS” heralds in a new chapter in South African stand up comedy history. The show will feature the country’s most famous puppet Chester Missing who will be supported by an ensemble cast – his NUROFRIENDS – in a comedy spectacle that is bound to rock audiences off their seats with laughter, awe and amazement.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with this groundbreaking comedy production that is sure to usher in a new era of comedy performance,” said Altech Autopage Cellular’s Marketing Director – Justin Hume. “The various elements of the show are sure to take it to another level of interconnectivity as the characters interact with each other and connect with the audience in this multimedia extravaganza.
It will be a multimedia extravaganza set in a world filled with lively characters and mayhem. From beginning to end, the audience will be immersed in and taken to another dimension where anything can happen. The characters will enter and exit continuously during the show – a classical deconstruction where the puppets take over like never before.

The special effects planned are set to literally make the puppets come to life but that said, the content of the show will be very accessible with the puppets allowing Conrad to boldly go where most comedians would not be able to venture.

The content will be packaged for a multi-cultural audience where a wide range of topics, subjects and issues will be discussed in a manner that only puppets can. With Chester, who is known to be outspoken and vociferous at the least – as the main character, the show is bound to be no holds barred and a helluva ride!

Conrad Koch has been performing nationally and abroad for numerous years. Beyond that, he is also one of the most sought after entertainers in the country and testament to this was him being awarded with the Entertainer of the Year Award for 2010.

“Brings the roof down” The Independent, London
“Delicious…hilarious ventriloquised repartee” The Argus
“Absolute pleasure” Mail & Guardian
“Hilarious.” Mail & Guardian
“Taking ventriloquism beyond anything in the UK or America” Sunday Times, London

Unbeknown to many, he also has a Masters in Social Anthropology – which gives his hilarious material a provoking sharp and informed edge. Amongst many other achievements, he is now an integral cast member of the groundbreaking hit show – Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola on etv which is currently attracting over a million viewers per episode.

The show is being directed by multiple Fleur de Cap winning director Heinrich Reisenhofer; produced by comedy impresario, Takunda Bimha from Podium…The Comedy Merchants and the puppets made by Standard Bank Artist of the Year 2009, Janni Younge.

“MY PRO DOLL & NUROFRIENDS” is set to be a show like no other seen in this country. Catch it at the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square at Sandton City from the 2nd to the 27th of August 2011. Tickets are R 120 and can be bought at Strictly Tickets – or at the theatre’s box office 0118838606

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