Comfort Zone – Enemy Momentum

The acceptance of the status quo is a silent killer of potential through Comfort Zone-Enemy Momentum and closes every door of possibility to the one who succumbs to it. Mother nature always responds to people on the basis of their proclivity and mind-set towards her.

She yields to people what they demand of her and bows to the deep desires and the actions of man as they demand a better life from her.

Comfort Zone-Enemy Momentum

A frame of mind that has accepted things as they are can never break out of a circle of stagnation that can so easily arrest a person’s potential and ability to dream. Every business and every individual that switched to into this mode always suffers at the events happening around them, fuelled by those who are the pattern makers and trendsetters of our time.

As the popular saying in the world of business goes “Disrupt or be disrupted”. Meaning that one should make patterns and set trends or else suffer at the hands of those who make patterns.

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Tlou Mathatho

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