Hannes Brümmer – Comedian is an established improviser and stand-up comedian, Hannes Brümmer’s career has seen him become an in demand comedic actor, writer and voice over artist.

He has appeared in a variety of theater, television and film productions including several farces and Afrikaans comedy plays since 2001. As a writer/creator he lays claim to a hand in the sketch comedy shows, Blikskottel and Kompleks and the motion picture, The land of Milk and Money.

Hannes Brümmer - Comedian

Hannes Brümmer has often been asked if he is hyperactive, but he has never been able to sit still long enough to find out for sure. His comedic style is highly energetic and physical with his tongue virtually bursting through his cheek. He likes to rant honestly about his Afrikaans heritage, the influence of the media on society and the ever raging battle of the sexes. He is at times self-deprecating, but almost always foolishly optimistic.

He is also one of Die Flying Dutchmen with Melt Sieberhagen, who have proved themselves leading exponents of Afrikaans Stand-up.

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Since 2005, Hannes has been a member of Joe Parker’s Improv Express and subsequently the Starship Improvise. He has also become a regular face in South African stand-up comedy venues over the last five years, performing several headlining spots as well as festivals such as Rocking the Daisies (2009, 2010) and Splashy Fen (2011). He is also one of Die Flying Dutchmen, an Afrikaans Comedy duo with Melt Sieberhagen, who have proved themselves leading exponents of Afrikaans Stand-up. In 2008 and 2009 he was a finalist in the Jozi Comedy Showdown.

2016 saw him involved in a wide variety of projects across several genres, fatherhood and an active return to the Stand-up club circuit, including the one man venture Punk in Plakkies – Die lament van ‘n lui Anargis. In the past year he has shared the stage with Afrikaans acts the caliber of Schalk Bezuidenhout, Radio Raps and Casper de Vries among others, while remaining a staple of South Africa’s English comedy circuit.

Last year a tannie from Kimberley referred to Hannes Brümmer – Comedian as “die snaakste blêddie persoon op TV”.

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