Chris Gibbons – New 2015 Keynote

Chris BannerFrom one of South Africa’s most respected journalists and commentators comes a new Keynote for 2015.

Ten Trends to Shape Tomorrow

– How they will affect your life and your business –

After discussion with a number of local and international experts, Chris has developed a view of some of the key shifts unfolding in our world. They encompass both threats and opportunities, on a personal and business level.

Among them:

The Emergence of the Megacity. Are you ready for the 24/7/365 business? Where will the resources come from for these vast entities? How will they be governed?

The Agile Corporation. At no point in human history have so many giant corporations emerged so quickly: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, to name just a few. How do they achieve this speed and how can more established corporations compete?

The Need for New Skills. Digitisation. Mechanisation. Robotics. Old-style jobs are disappearing by the thousand as computers take over. But new ones are emerging. Do you have the new skills needed to keep up? What about your children – or will they be condemned to a life of menial labour and low wages?

Healthcare. Technology’s uses grow in this area by leaps and bounds. Smartphones that can already detect diseases like Parkinson’s – before your doctor! Nanobots delivering tiny amounts of drugs and fighting diseases from deep within your body. A massive slowing in human ageing as a result.

The Haves vs. The Have Nots

The emergence of two distinct types of human being: those with super-fast, super-expensive, all pervasive technology – and those without. Which side of the divide will you fall on? And could this lead to the emergence of a new species of mankind – no longer Homo Sapiens, but Homo Digitalis?

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