Choosing the right Speaker or Entertainer

Choosing a Keynote Speaker or Entertainer that’s a right fit for your corporation can be challenging. It is important to find a Keynote Speaker or Entertainer that you think will captivate a large portion of your audience. Look through videos of Speakers or Entertainers past performances. Is the content meaningful and appropriate? If you find his or her material to be at all offensive, he or she might not be a good fit for entertainment at your event.

It is important to find a Speaker or Entertainer that you feel would be the most relevant to your projected audience. If possible, try asking co-workers, peers, your customers, vendors and potential attendees for their input during Speaker selection. In order to ensure a successful event, it helps to know that other people in your audience will benefit from the Speaker’s message.

Contacting an agent

Once you agree on a Keynote Speaker or Entertainer (or if you are deciding between a few), you’ll need to contact an agent in order to access the availabilities and fees for the Speaker(s). At Conference Speakers International, we work with a wide scope of great Speakers and Entertainers, and we can help you find information on every speaker in the world, even if we don’t book it for you.

Make an Offer

When you and your organization agree on a date, time, and the particular Keynote Speaker- it’s time to make an offer to an agency. In the offer sheet it is important to request ALL the specific details you want for your event. This includes the intended date, time, venue, pricing, accommodations, and performance specifics. Don’t wait until after the contract is drafted to ask for any special requests. For example, if you’d like either a meet-and-greet or Q&A session after the speech- you should request it FIRST in the offer sheet. This document will be given directly to the Speaker who will then either accept or reject the offer.

Draft a contract

A contract is made as soon as the Speaker agrees to the offer. The contract is a written confirmation between you, the Speaker, and the agency you are working with. At Conference Speakers International, we’ll send you a contract with all of the information that will fit the specifics for your event.

Confirm set up and accommodations, and Sign Contract

Only until all of the Event’s major details are confirmed will you be able to sign a contract. These details include: time, date, location, pricing, and the artist’s particular accommodations. Make sure all of the information within the contract, rider, and terms and conditions are completely accurate before having it signed.

Prepare for a Successful Event

Once the contract is signed, all that’s left is preparing for the Event’s success! This involves preparing the venue and waiting room. Most importantly, marketing and promotion are crucial! Online networking is always a great (and green) way for marketing. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, your organization’s Website, and whatever other sites you can think of. On many occasions, the speaker can also help market the event on their website. If you want a sold-out show, it is important to ADVERTISE!
*You need to get approval for all advertising from the Speaker or Agent BEFORE you begin promotion.


How do I find a Keynote Speaker?
It’s helpful to look at speaker agency websites that show Speakers who are either current or in the news. At Conference Speakers International, we post up-and-coming Keynote Speakers, New Speakers as well as their current news.

How much do Keynote Speakers cost?
The prices of Speakers vary based on availability and current level of engagement in the media. For instance, a new Speaker featured in movies, television shows, and talk shows might have a higher price due to his/her increased demand and limited availability. Usually, the more popular Speakers will require a higher booking fee.

Who do I contact if I want to book a keynote speaker?
To book a speaker, you must first contact a booking agent. Consider using a middle agency, such as Conference Speakers International, who are better able to negotiate prices etc due to the personal relationship we have developed with the Speaker or Entertainer..

Will the Speaker sign autographs?
If you’d like a Speaker or Entertainer to sign autographs or do a Q&A after your event, you’ll need to request that prior to the event. This will give the Speaker prior knowledge of your request for this and increase the chances that he/she will agree to such engagements.

What if the Speaker cancels?
This information will be covered in the contract for the event. Refund information should be negotiated between your organization and agency during the contract drafting process. If you have date flexibility, it’s usually possible to reschedule the Speaker on another date. If your event is on a fixed day with no flexibility, the agent will help you secure an alternate speaker in the same price range. If you cannot agree on an alternate, or if you find another Speaker through a different resource, the agency will refund your deposit.

What are good methods for advertising?
As mentioned above- great advertising methods include but are not limited to: putting up posters, radio and newspaper broadcasting, and online marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and your organization’s website.

When can I start advertising for the event?
To start advertising before a contract is signed, you should get permission from the Speaker’s agent (unless noted otherwise within the event contract). Otherwise, all advertising should begin after a contract is signed by the organization and the Speaker’s agent. You need to get approval for all advertising from the Speaker or agent BEFORE you begin promotion.

How can I make sure the Speaker uses material suitable for my organization?
The best way to ensure the Speaker only touches upon material that abides by the needs of your organization and the organization’s mission statement is to request this through the Speaker’s agent and on the offer sheet.

Looking for a speaker that will wow and amaze your audience? Having trouble getting in touch with agents? Contact Conference Speakers International; we work directly with Speakers and Entertainers to help you create the perfect event.

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