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dsIn Daniel Silke’s key areas of corporate keynote presentations viz. South Africa, Africa & Global Trends, immense change is underway.

Nelson Mandela’s death has focused attention not only on his legacy but also the current deficiencies and future challenges facing South Africa – particularly in terms of the looming General Election expected in May. And, economic pressures are mounting as weak growth, high unemployment, patchy service delivery and on-going labour issues continue to disappoint.

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The African continent is showing exceptional signs of economic growth and opportunity but countries will need to reform their bureaucracies and improve on business efficiencies as well as political accountability in order to compete globally. Foreign interest in the continent remains intense as an oil & gas boom takes place while China’s economic prospects may dictate differing outcomes for many dependent African nations in the future.

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In the global context, politics, economics, social and technological trends are shifting as rapidly as ever. The USA is on the mend but Europe still ails. Consumer demand is shifting to Asia and China’s rising strength is likely to challenge the West in decades to come. The BRICS want to alter global institutions and shift power. Urbanisation, demographics and innovation all conspire together to create a future world quite different from the current. From retail to banking and from construction to governmental relations amongst many other sectors, fundamental change is on its way.

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