Caroline Ravenall – Leadership Training

Drawing on a strategic sales and leadership background of almost 10 years in Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and 15 years of business, coaching and consulting experience, Caroline Ravenall – Leadership Training inspires people to unlock their potential and expand possibilities in a world fraught with change and uncertainty. Her experience has seen her work with organisations from Ernst and Young, Mercantile Bank, ABSA Bank, Duke University, GIBS, Old Mutual and Delta Airlines.

An adventurous spirit at heart, Caroline has lived, travelled and worked in many places around the world. She has negotiated multi-million-dollar contracts in London and New York, dived with Whale Sharks off the coast of Mozambique, driven off road in some of the most rugged terrain in Africa, abseiled down mountains, and spent 6 months in rural India at a meditation retreat.  Much of her work today is inspired by these experiences which taught her valuable lessons in accessing peak performance states, building resilience, and embracing change.

Caroline Ravenall – Leadership Training

Leadership Workshops:

Women in Leadership Workshop – (or anyone who wants to lead with greater clarity, courage and confidence)

A programme combining principles from neuroscience, mindfulness and martial arts.

A powerful, interactive 1 – 2 day workshop for women in leadership

Based on over 15 years of experience and cutting-edge research into organisational/ human behaviour and the neuroscience of performance, she introduces some insightful ‘embodied’ performance ‘hacks’ for shortcutting the stress response and stepping boldly into the adventure of leadership while inspiring greatness and resilience in others.

Drawing on principles from modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom, Caroline ultimately provides strategies to inspire the audience to find their own blend of leadership ‘magic’ helping them to show up with greater levels of courage, clarity, confidence and grace in a challenging world .

By the end of this 1 – 2-day masterclass delegates will be able to

  • Understand the neuroscience, physiology and psychology of the of the mind and nervous system during periods of stress and challenge
  • Work with a powerful framework which offers perspectives on emotions like self- doubt, imposter syndrome, dignity, and anxiety and shift the negative paradigms that are holding you back or keeping you stuck
  • Learn a powerful ‘how to’ practice for recognising the body’s early stress signals together with some leading-edge embodied strategies for accessing the ‘zone’ or ‘flow’ state for greater levels of possibility, creativity and performance
  • Learn how to tap into the body’s neurochemical resources to create a powerful, authentic, non-verbal leadership presence
  • Learn a powerful heart based recalibration practice that quickly switches on the relaxation response.

Leadership in Action

This is a modular team oriented experiential leadership development programme that can be combined with a keynote. It incorporates a lot of ‘mini programmes’ that can be facilitated as stand-alone workshops. Which includes,  but is not limited to,  the following:

  • Culture Change Workshop  (Includes culture Assessment)
  • Emotional Intelligence /Emotional Agility Workshop
  • Neuroscience and Learning workshop
  • Psychological Team Building / Team Integration (includes Assessment)
  • Leadership Circle Assessment Profiling (understanding and changing reactive leadership styles – incorporates coaching)
  • Building communication, collaboration and commitment  
  • Leadership presence, – building a powerful non-verbal presence
  • Meditation for Business performance – Experiential practical workshops using neuroscience and experience to increase focus and mental agility

Caroline Ravenall – Leadership Training is a NQF qualified facilitator and Assessor. Level 5.  and a certified executive coach (registered with the ICF).

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