Callie Roos – Leadership Teamwork

Callie Roos – Leadership Teamwork is a serious player in re-building the South African nation in both spirit and mind through purpose centred living. This he does as a facilitator of strategic and leadership thinking, business skills and team processes.

His ‘OnTrack’ Team Advance in big five country is an unrivalled experience that promises to thrill and revive the spirit whilst learning the ancient art of tracking. View Callie’s full profile

After obtaining a BA degree, BD degree and Post Graduated Diploma at the University of Pretoria during the late 70’s and early 80’s he served most of his time in the Department of Defense.
The success of his career lies in a unique blend of lifetime experiences including that of Student Leader, Community Leader, Senior Pastor, Special Forces Operator, Land and Sea Survival Specialist, Senior Military Staff Officer and serving as an Honorary Game Ranger with National Parks in South Africa.

Over the last 10 years, Callie Roos has been involved in the development and roll-out of many different leadership training initiatives. These experiences have led to what is today recognized by many as the ultimate leadership training and development processes. The mystery of these successes lies in his approach and years of experience in influencing others towards a culture of sustainable change through personal development and the creation of new meaning in business and life.

Callie Roos – Leadership Teamwork

He is the author of the book ‘Wanderer’ that was written for ordinary people who want to embark on their life’s journey with a greater sense of purpose.
A truly Inspirational Speaker from the heart of Africa that uses his life time experiences of tracking and survival in the African wilds to move organization’s and their people from survival to significance.

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