Business Perspectives – Tlou Mathatho

At the heart of every business context are many factors that either contributes to the growth of business or hamper growth for Business Perspectives – Tlou Mathatho. It is incumbent upon governments to create a climate that is conducive for business growth and development.

Governments should be intentional about facilitating business growth. Here are some of the things that governments could do to create a conducive environment for business.

IT infrastructure

Connectivity does more than just helping people to chart on the internet and talk over the phone. It creates a whole new environment that can accelerate business growth and increase revenues for businesses. Governments that invested in IT infrastructure have seen great growth that is different from those who ignored the same. To view Tlou Mathatho profile click here

Business Perspectives – Tlou Mathatho


Countries like Rwanda have mastered the art of opening their economy for foreign direct investment as well as facilitating growth for local businesses. In Rwanda one can register a business the same day and open a business account because of policies that are designed to be friendly to business.

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