Bruce Fordyce – Teamwork Inspiration is a household name in South Africa and is considered to be one of the world’s greatest ultra marathon runners. Bruce Fordyce ran his first Comrades Marathon in 1977 and has since won the Comrades nine times in succession – 1981-1990.  No other runner in the history of the Comrades has ever achieved this feat. 

Bruce Fordyce currently holds the record times for both the up and down run.  Bruce Fordyce is also the world record holder for the 50 mile, which he set in 1983 while running the famous London -Brighton race. Book through Conference Speakers

Bruce Fordyce - Teamwork Inspiration

Educated at Woodmead School, Bruce Fordyce obtained his BA Degree in 1977 and his BA Hons in 1979.  During this time at University he was a member of the Wits SRC, and All Sports Council and a Committee Member of the Wits Athletic Club. Bruce admits that “genes” do, to some degree, play a part in his running success.  Compared to many other runners he would not appear to have the athlete’s perfect build.  What then makes Bruce Fordyce so successful? His attributes epitomise the self-achiever.  Beneath a friendly, almost gentle exterior he has a will of iron. Guts, determination perseverance, careful planning and self-discipline are the qualities Bruce relies on to achieve results.

On a day-to-day basis Bruce Fordyce is involved in endorsements, motivational talks to businesses, sports clubs, schools and charity work.  Bruce has delivered talks to most major South African corporations, i.e. Insurance Industry, Car Companies, Computer Industry, Accountants, Pharmaceutical Companies, Estate Agents, Banks, Furniture Trade and the Clothing Industry – to name a few.

Bruce delivers two light hearted, humorous, but inspirational messages to his audiences, one applying the principals of success in marathon running to everyday life, and the other in an interesting address entitled “Why should you want to leave South Africa”?

It takes an individual with special qualities to achieve what Bruce Fordyce has, and it is these special qualities that Bruce Fordyce – Teamwork Inspiration shares with his audiences in establishing a strong parallel between success in marathon running and achieving in life.


In a lively, thought provoking and often humorous presentation Bruce Fordyce presents fascinating facts and figures about the 2010 football World Cup.He exorts South Africans to take ownership of the “showpiece of the beautiful Game” and to help make this the greatest World Cup ever.He shows that we are already winners because we have been chosen to host the event regardless of the performance of the national team. He urges South Africans to “get off the bench” and  become players and participants in this sporting epic rather than to sit back like spectators and just let it happen.  His presentation is illustrated with explosive video footage of great World Cup highlights as well as some very amusing moments. His call for action leaves the audience pumped up and tremendously excited about an event that will forever change the perception of South Africa in the eyes of the World bur more importantly in the eyes of South Africans.


In a post-World Cup South Africa, as the nation grapples with the challenges and opportunities of change the long run is a multimedia presentation produced by VWV,  the  award winning producers of the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Cup. The presentation offers an upbeat, informative and entertaining look at the things that make our country great while inspiring companies and individuals to get up get active and make a difference in the long run.

Bruce demonstrates how we can maintain the magic of the World Cup and understand that its success was not an aberration but an example of who we are as a nation. He exhorts us to embrace the bigger picture instead of pursuing our favourite sport; that of running the country down.  In a spirit of “yes we can” Bruce demonstrates that the people who are really running the country are you and me and that we hold the power to make the country great. He presents several business examples of South African pioneering work, leadership and greatness. He equates our struggle to that of a marathon runner and demonstrates that the ECG of South Africa is a volatile one. Every day in South Africa is a challenge but Bruce reveals practical examples of individuals and companies that have helped to make the country great. The long run helps to equip companies and individuals with the insight and energy they need to get on track…and build a better South Africa in the long run.

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