Bronwyn Crawford is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant with years of experience working with a variety of individuals and corporate globally.

Bronwyn has led teams in various business industries, in the United Kingdom and Africa, the likes of advertising and marketing, hospitality, corporate event and conferencing, the financial sector and law. Bronwyn has founded businesses and understands the challenges entrepreneurs face on the often seemingly lonely road.

Bronwyn Crawford - Corporate Culture

Specialist in human behaviour, inspiring passion and growth by managing change and building high-performance teams to succeed.

Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Culture

Training Courses:

Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Culture engaging and entertaining workshops and training courses are created to connect with the audience while delivering our methods for success.

Over the years we have designed training programmes based on the needs and desires of our clients. Should you require focus and attention in a specific area, please discuss this with us and we will create a programme to meet your desired outcome.  

Our training courses include:

Navigating the Waves of Change ~ Managing Change in Turbulent Times.

  • We live in a time of turbulence and constant change. What we once knew to be stable and certain now no longer seems to exist. If we wish to stay ahead of the game and our competitors, we need to learn to find comfort in the state of change, we need to embrace the opportunities change can afford us, both as individuals as well as organisations. 

Mind the Culture Gap ~ Bridging the Gap in Corporate Culture.

  • An employee who “fits” into your organisation is able to integrate quickly, navigate the organisation, partner with leaders, influence decisions, make a difference and improve or even transform business effectiveness and performance. When the fit is right, all things are possible.
  • Ensure the business has the culture it desires … then hire the right “fit” and experience real value.

Corporate Heartbeat ~ Employee Health and Wellbeing Matters in

  • The fast-paced world we live in can slowly chip away at our mental and physical strength, health and wellness. The need to deliver results at a higher level with shorter turnaround times is one way in which our stress levels as individuals and corporates are increasing. To be effective at meeting these increasing demands we need to take care of ourselves, our employees and our businesses.
  • Embrace wellness programs as a way to motivate, reward and retain a healthy and productive team of employees.

E²R² ~ Employee Engagement, Recognition & Retention 
  (Leadership Coaching).

  • As managers, business owners and entrepreneurs measure profitability, customer loyalty and satisfaction, we need to do the same with our employees and teams.
  • Over a decade of research was done in more than 24 countries, 200 000 interviews with managers and employees including Fortune 500 companies identified that appreciation is what employees want most from their management and that 79% of employees who quit, cite lack of appreciation as a key reason for doing so.
  • How do we ensure that the employees we desire to retain within our organisation, choose to remain?

Mind Management for Success ~ Psychology for Life and Business Success.

  • Brian Tracy is well known for the saying “what you believe with conviction becomes your reality, whether it is true or not.” 
  • In psychology we are reminded that our thoughts precede our feelings, attitudes and behaviours; that our daily habits, whether positive or negative compound over a period of time and result in a specific outcome.
  • As individuals we are responsible for our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Should we wish to change our actions (results) we need to start with changing our mindset. Like a muscle we would train and strengthen, our mind too is a muscle that can be trained and strengthened to think differently.  

Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Culture

Time Management starts with Self-Management ~ Your Values Influence the Expenditure of Your Time.

  • We often hear it being said that “there is never enough time in the day”, but, since we all get the same 24 hours, why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others?
  • One of the biggest problems that most managers, business owners and entrepreneurs have, isn’t exclusively in how they can ‘get enough done’ in a demanding environment, but also how they maintain some resemblance of balance without feeling too overworked or resentful. It isn’t solely about achieving and going after goals and deadlines around the clock, but rather also about quality of life while doing so. Remain health and surround yourself with nurturing and supportive relationships.

Corporate Rainbow ~ Embracing Diversity and Inclusion.

  • We live in a colourful country where we are aware of the diverse cultures, beliefs and behaviours of those living around us. Yet, it is ever more apparent when we are working within a team of people all striving to achieve the same goal, but often pulling in different directions on the road to achieving it. It can be challenging and stressful not having the same perspective as a fellow employee and even more so when trying to communicate our thoughts and not having effective tools to do so.
  • Having a system in place that allows us to take the time to truly understand and welcome the views of other team members, being open to listening, open to sharing our thoughts and ideas, open to employees honestly communicating while not being judged, but rather respected for doing so are vital to the success of any project, service offering and a healthy working environment. 

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