Brett Archibald is a sought-after corporate Inspirational speaker for your company conference or sales teams.

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Brett Archibald fell overboard off a surf charter boat in the middle of a stormy night in the Sumatra Straits in the Indian Ocean.

He was stung by Portuguese Man of War and jellyfish, eaten by small fish, attacked by seagulls and hit by a shark.

He survived the ordeal, after swimming alone for 28.5 hours.

Brett Archibald - Inspirational Business

Brett Archibald – Inspirational Business

Brett Archibald

“People cope with trauma and tragedy in different ways and I feel fortunate to be able to share my story with others in such a way that will perhaps give them an insight as to what I went through and how it has changed my perspective and view of life.

I firmly believe we all need to find ways where we can add meaning to our own lives and those around us.”

Brett Archibald global career includes the roles of Group Managing Director of RCI EMEAI with 14 countries reporting to him, Group Development Director for Wyndham Rental and Exchange in Hong Kong and finally Group Development Director for Wyndham Rental and Exchange Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Asia, based out of London.

His incredible focus, belief, determination and will to survive, together with those who saved him, form the backbone of his amazing story that began when he went on a surfing trip to Indonesia with a group of childhood friends.

Brett is an enthusiastic Inspirational speaker who has survived the unexpected and a perfect choice for your company conference or event.

MIRACLE AT SEA is an amazing story of Brett Archibald’s survival at sea against all odds. Brett tells his incredible story in such a gripping way that those in the audience are transported with him into the horror of the twenty eight and a half hours during which he had to draw on every ounce of self-belief, will to survive and application of life principles that ensured he lived to tell of his own miraculous rescue.

Brett’s story includes all of the intertwining pieces that connected during those terrible hours to ensure his safe return to his family. It is a tale of hope, survival and belief with such an incredible ending that it has audiences enthralled, enraptured and applauding at the end.

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