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Branding & Marketing YOU

Build a competitive advantage from your most valuable asset – your people

Your most powerful brand is your people. Every time a client looks at, listens to, or interacts with a company employee, it impacts the way they perceive that company.  From the image they project, to what they say on social media and how they address issues in the real world, they have an opportunity to create a unique Personal Brand that can make or break their reputation, promotional opportunities and sales.

Benefits of personal branding

People who build and market their brands effectively are able to:

  • Make the best impression possible on a consistent basis
  • ‘Stand out’ and have an ‘air’ of distinctiveness
  • Build a reputation that precedes them
  • Raise their profile and visibility
  • Better communicate the value they deliver
  • Understand how to get others to talk about them in a way that builds their credibility
  • Develop confidence
  • Get better business results

Personal branding specialist, Donna Rachelson’s Branding & Marketing YOU keynote will inject new energy into employees and create strong brand ambassadors for your organization.

The presentation brings to life:

  • Characteristics of great brands
  • Why personal branding is important to personal and business success
  • How to stop being invisible and become visible and relevant
  • How to build trust and credibility
  • How to develop and market one’s personal brand.


About Donna Rachelson

Donna Rachelson, specialist in branding and marketing, is the author of three books: Play to Win: What Women can learn from Men in Business; Branding & Marketing YOU and Branding & Marketing YOU Through Teams. As a successful businesswoman and investor in businesses, Donna is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and women, uplifting them with her unique brand of inspiringly practical, results-driven guidance. She is founder of Branding & Marketing YOU and currently Group CEO at Seed Academy – a training and incubation ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

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