Braingasms – Douglas Kruger

This weekend, at the PSA convention, Douglas Kruger got to speak in front of the presidents of both the American National Speakers Association, and the Global Speakers Federation, on the topic of ‘How to Become Iconic as a Speaker.’ Both threw their bras at him! (…which is weird, considering one was a man. Also, his was bigger). 

Meanwhile, we wanted to let you know that a new speech topic has just EXPLODED into his world! (Hyperbole, I know, but ‘oozed’ just didn’t seem to cut it). 

The topic is of such global application that it will work for anyone. It’s going to be called ‘New Think! – How to have brain-renewals, brainsplosions, and even multiple braingasms!’ It is an (entertaining and) deeply instructional overview of all the latest cool concepts on how thinking works, how to think differently, how geniuses think, how creativity REALLY works (not how we used to believe it did), and much more. Concepts covered will include: Radical Openness, Radical Disruption, The Genius Thought Format, Extra-Scenario Thinking, How Talent Really Works, Taking Continual Inspired Action, and The Messy Human Yearning Factor. This one is going to be big!

Where Douglas’s ‘Expert Positioning’ keynote will continue to work for entrepreneurs and brands, this one will be for the mass corporate audience. It is the answer to the inquiry: ‘Who do you have who can talk to our entire organisation at the next big rally?’

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