Brad Sadler

Brad Sadler was convicted of fraud and corruption totalling R50 million and was eventually sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Brad has a saying “CRIME DOES PAY – be careful who does the paying, I pay every single day of my life”.

Many who attend seminars, conferences and teaching times where Brad has been invited to participate ask this question – “What do you actually do?”

Brad Sadler – Motivational

Brad’s reply “I am a motivational teacher – I motivate people to stay out of prison, teach them what fraud is and the reality of consequences to choice”.

Brad’s style of communication can only be described as “impacting” and is a much sought after presenter and speaker at Seminars, Conferences and Fraud Awareness Training Programs.

Brad Sadler – Motivational

Listed below is a summary of the topics and details of what is covered in his “themed” presentations.

Who let the Dogs out (60-80 minutes incl questions)
The theme of this presentation is “dogs” and the “guard dogs” are the controls, policies and procedures in our organisations that are there to warn us, guide us and ultimately protect us.

In this frank presentation about his experiences in the Corporate Banking World, he talks about what circumstances and actions led to his eventual arrest, the ensuing court case and the reality of prison life. Book Brad through Conference Speakers

He explains about the consequences that he has to live with daily as a result of his poor choices, even though those choices were in many instances over 10 years ago.

Woven into the presentation is the premise that all decisions have consequences and that people make much wiser decisions when they understand the consequences of their actions.

The presentation is interspersed with light hearted moments yet is impacting in its delivery.

Sunscreen is not an optional extra (60-80 minutes incl questions)
The theme of this presentation is the “beach” and the premise is that the continuous application of Fraud Prevention Policies and Programs is key to protecting the individual and the organisation.

This presentation is a follow on presentation from “Who let the Dogs out” and challenges organisations to implement a multi-faceted approach to Fraud Awareness and Prevention.

Brad Sadler – Motivational Speaker uses some of the lighter yet thought provoking incidents during his time in prison to reinforce his belief that “We can help people stay Honest”.

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