“Blame” and “Excuses” – Sam Harrop (International Speaker and Author)

1014265_10151547605951674_1467503363_nBy Changing Just One Word You Can Stop “Blame” & “Excuses”

Blame and excuses can be one of the biggest obstacles in achieving results. These two ugly twins raise their heads when something does not go according to plan.  It is often easier for people to blame someone else or something else, when they don’t achieve what they set out to achieve.

The challenge with both blame and excuses is it disempowers the person using either one of these actions, in other words when someone blames someone or makes an excuse they are indicating that there is nothing they can do or could have done to effect the outcome or results.

So next time when something goes wrong, as tempting as it is, instead of asking “Why?” or “Who?” ask “How?”

Whatever has happened has happened, accept it and manage for the future:

By asking “Why” we are encouraging people to make excuses.
By asking “Who?” we are encouraging people to blame someone.
By asking “How” we are now empowering people to take “Responsibility” and Accountability”.

Focus on managing for the future and start asking the question “How?”  You will be amazed what happens when you empower people and start making them more responsible and accountable.

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