Beware of the Monkeys – Sarah Bauling

October 2015 saw us on holiday at a resort which is full of “cute little vervet monkeys.”
Imagine my surprise when I was ambling along to my car, minding my own business, only to be faced with 3 angry male monkeys.

I do not think I have ever run as fast as I did, nor screamed as loudly as I did as I dashed into the reception area with the 3 “cuties” close on my tail. I must add that I did this in heels and was grateful 1) the blighters didn’t catch me and 2) I didn’t bust a heel or worse yet 3) break my own leg, neck or both in the 100 meter dash – which I am still convinced would have beaten the BOLTS world record.

Now to put things into perspective although I was “safe” since I was INSIDE the reception area, I had one small problem on hand – my car was on the other side of the car park and the 3 “cuties” had obviously signalled to the rest of the tribe, and standing between me and my car were over 20 of them…..

Just to add more excitement to the scene, as I was standing there trying to catch my breath and “gather myself”, the security guard came dashing in through the back entrance – he thought the screams were from someone being murdered, his gun was cocked and he bought back up in the form of 4 extra security guards.
Once they realised that it was “only” monkeys they offered walk me to my car to protect me from the “bad guys.”

At this point they pointed out the sign “Monkeys can be dangerous, please ask security to accompany you to your car.”
Great sign, pity it was hidden behind a bush.

The 100 meter monkey dash could have been avoided – if only the sign had been visible.

The great news is I got to my car “monkey free” (although the big guy with the blue butt was checking me out as I walked along surrounded by 4 burly security men) and now that I knew the system I called for “back up” every time I got to reception. They did a great job protecting me and by day 2 had ensured the hidden sign was 100% clear of bushes which meant no one else had to experience the 100 meter monkey dash!

So, how is the signage in your place of work?

Remember that what may be clear to you, may not be clear to customers who do not know they “lay of the land”, the “rules” the “where to go’s”.

Take a walk through your store, your place of business and see if the signs are obvious and helpful. If not “clear the bushes” and make sure your customers know that they need to “be aware of the monkeys.”

Till next time, enjoy serving your customers with passion and turning them into “Loyal Raving Fans!”

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