Bev du Toit back in SA – 29th August – 17th September 2013

Bev du Toit PicBev will be in SA between 29th August – 17th September 2013 – We are offering a massively reduced rate on her usual fee so book her today and hear her gut-wrenching story!

Thriving in the face of Challenge

In 2010, Bev du Toit and her life partner decided to simplify their lives and move to paradise. It took eighteen months of paperwork and a number of flights to Seychelles, but in November 2012, they were issued with all the relevant licences and permissions to operate a business in Seychelles. In December 2012, they made the big move accompanied by their two dogs. They opened Dragonfly Spa, a beach massage spa operation, which was a huge success from day one. Two weeks after they opened their business the Seychelles government cancelled their licences and shut the business down. Bev’s story told with passion and humour shares tools on how to face adversity and learn to thrive during challenging times!

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