Before you QUIT…. try this one thing! – Quinton Douman

Quinton 3If you are an entrepreneur or any type of sales-person and you find yourself in a place where you are seriously considering calling it a day and ultimately quitting your journey in entrepreneurship, then I urge you to do this one last thing before you move on. Launch your very own appreciation strategy!

Call or e-mail every single client who has ever said YES to you, call every person who has given you a lead, call the people who at some point had enough confidence and faith in you to give you a chance and from the bottom of your heart, THANK THEM! Even if you are feeling a little apprehensive because, perhaps you haven’t stayed in contact with them like you would’ve liked to… Put that aside and make the call.

Many of you don’t need a script but for those of you who do, here are 3 that you can use:

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Dear Quinton, it’s Warren here from Douman Insurance Brokers, how are you doing? Do you have a few minutes to speak? I have been analyzing my business for a few days now and reflecting on the ups and downs over the last few years; the one realization that I had is that I would never have made it this far if people like yourself did not give me chance.
I remember sitting in your office as we were going through my recommendations for your business and I know you could have said No, I know you had other options but you chose me and today all I want to say is thank you!

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Hi Johan, it’s Jonathan here from ABC Consulting, how are you? Is this a convenient time to speak? I am not going to take up a lot of your time, in fact the main purpose of my call is to say thank you. I know that a long time has elapsed since we last did business together but something special happened when I was doing business for your company. I learnt many lessons while dealing with you and your staff, and all of the time while working on the project, my team and I became better at what we do. We would not have had this tremendous opportunity to grow if you did not say yes to us and it would be remiss of me if I didn’t call and thank you for the significant role you played in our business.

Appreciation script 3 of 10

Hi James, it’s Susan here from Proper Cellular Network- how are you? Listen, just a quick one… Do you remember the other day when you suggested that I give Raymond a call to discuss my business offering with him? Well, I called him immediately after our discussion and we set up a meeting for 9am this morning. We have just had the meeting and had such a great conversation but it seems that we will not be doing business together right now because they’ve just signed a contract with another provider. However, I just wanted to call you and say thank you for the lead and thank you for trusting and believing that I will always engage the people in your circle with the respect they deserve.
(These are 3 of the 10 Appreciation Strategy Scripts we give to our learners)
Even if you don’t use our scripts, I would still like to encourage you to launch your appreciation strategy immediately and let the people who helped you in some way know that you are grateful to them for the role they played in your business – the results of a well thought out and implemented appreciation strategy will blow your mind.
I have had the amazing pleasure of assisting a big business weather a massive storm and slowly increase profitability as a direct result of a complete multifaceted appreciation strategy – it’s simple and it works!

Obviously, a full on strategy is more than just a bunch of phone calls but the phones calls are a very good start.

There are many possible outcomes that will be derived from your appreciation calls but here are 3 potential responses you should anticipate while making them:

1. The client will say you are welcome and then wish you a good day and that will be the end of it for now! (You will however be top of mind for at least a few days)


2. The client will reaffirm his/her belief in you and will suggest that you meet soon! Yes, the client will suggest the meeting, and there is an 80% chance that you will do business with him/her again at that meeting.


3. The client will say something like this, “my word, Warren I was just thinking about you the other day, we should meet because…..” Once again the client will suggest the meeting and there is a great possibility that a deal will be done.

When people feel appreciated and I mean sincerely appreciated, they feel inspired to do something for you – This is a wonderful opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to fill your diary and reconnect with your clients.

So, again if you think it’s time to throw in the towel, do yourself a favour and launch your very own appreciation strategy before you implement your exit strategy – and please, please, please share the outcome with me!

Lets finish 2015 in style and with conscious appreciation.
Yours Gratefully,

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