How to become a professional speaker – an audio program by Douglas Kruger

images-3You don’t need to pay for expensive courses – you either have the X factor or your don’t, you either have the gift of the gab or you don’t… read on!

Professional speaking is a business, and in order to prosper, you should treat it as one. But while a great many courses teach presentation technique, there is precious little training available on the business end of being a full-time speaker. It’s a high-income industry, but it’s surprisingly low on ‘how-to.’

So how do you start and grow your full-time speaking career? How do you gain media publicity? How can you attract new clients and maximize your profits among existing clients? What’s your next step in becoming a known and trusted brand in the correct market? What mistakes should you avoid, and what other promotional tools are available to you?

Professional speaker Douglas Kruger, author of ‘Own Your Industry,’ and ’50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker’, and 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking, shares the behind-the-scenes insights you need in order to start and build a lucrative speaking career.

Total Running Time: 120 minutes
Cost: R150

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