Barry Hilton – SA’s best loved Comedian

Barry Hilton New Pic 1Barry Hilton is the first South African comedian to be invited to perform at the prestigious Harrah’s Improv at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas – the Entertainment Capital of the World.  As he will be honoring the invitation to headline four shows, Barry will be unavailable for bookings in South Africa from 1 – 15 September 2013.

With his relaxed stage demeanor and gregarious personality, Barry continues to strive and thrive.  Steering clear of political satire, swearing, explicit content and blasphemy Barry’s fan base continues to grow and his unique international appeal has ensured a fan base that spans continents.   His shows in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau earlier this year were met with rave reviews while his dazzling performance in Dubai got him shortlisted, alongside internationally renowned comedian John Cleese, for Best Comedy Act in Dubai 2013.   Delighted audiences on board five international cruise liners (which took Barry from Hong Kong to Vietnam, Brisbane to Darwin, Hong Kong to Busan and Darwin to Fremantle) are proof that his unique sense of humor has universal appeal.

A South African comedy stalwart, Barry never fails to please, leaving audiences in stitches.  “Barry Hilton must be the funniest comedian to have ever come out of South Africa and he is set to be one of the big comedy names in Australia and everywhere else that he is now working,” says Graeme Gillies owner of Grayboy Entertainment which is based in Sydney and provides world-class entertainment across the globe.

With more comedians on the South African comedy scene than ever before, Barry Hilton still tops the list with theatres, corporates and advertising agencies.  He has stayed on the scene by keeping it clean and continually coming up with new material;  a more experienced and versatile comedian is hard to find.

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