Barry Hilton – The Live Series

barry hiltonSouth African comedy stalwart, Barry Hilton kicks off M-Net’s new comedy show, The Live Series, available on BoxOffice from 16 February. 

The Live Series is a 75-minute exclusive comedy special produced by award-winning production company, Mannequin Pictures. Each show, features one of the country’s best comedians performing in front of a live audience, with the first being comedy legend, Barry Hilton.


In this hilarious stand-up special, comedy household name, Barry Hilton brings you an hour and a half of world-class humour. Touching on everything from load-shedding all the way through to selfies, SA’s favourite “cousin” will have you in stitches before you can say Savannah.


Box Office is a satellite-based video-on-demand (VOD) service brought to you by DStv.


The Live Series shows Box Office following in the footsteps of entertainment giants, Netflix. The Comedy Special is developed especially for Box Office, and will help them expand and explore new terrain. This special will lay the foundation for future original series.



Barry Hilton is not only one of SA’s most experienced and versatile comedians, he is also one of the funniest. With his first stand up act being on a small stage in a Cape Town club more than 3 decades ago, he has gone on to be the first South African comedian to have; performed at the legendary London’s Comedy Store in 2001, presented at the Annual Comic’s Choice Awards, hosted numerous television shows, acted in 2 films and won numerous awards including the 2013 Lifetime Achiever Award. His delightful knack of finding the ludicrous and the humorous turns daily situations on their head.


Delon is a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) award-winning producer. He holds a B.A in Motion Picture from the AFDA film school and is a SEDIBA Advance Producer alumnus. Delon has more than 10 years of production experience behind him, having produced and facilitated films for Academy award-winning production companies Focus Features (Dallas Buyers Club, Lost in Translation) and Bonne Pioche (March of the Penguins), as well as commercials for Hermes Paris and Standard Bank to name a few. He is set to begin filming the Nicholl Fellowship award-winning screenplay, Victoria Falls in 2016.

Comedy Experience..

Delon has over the last few years, established himself as one of South Africa’s leading stand up comedy producers.


Kyle studied film at the South African School of Motion Picture (AFDA), where he obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree. After his studies his immense passion for film making lead him to start Mannequin Pictures. Since then, he has produced many film and commercial productions with several local and international production companies as far afield as China, India, Germany and the US. Kyle has experienced a wealth of diverse professional and cultural influences by spending time in Europe and America. This contributes to his open-minded nature, which over the years has made him the company’s “go to” man and enables him to cohesively work with global organizations and provide a world class working experience in South Africa. Kyle has a deep appreciation of the creative process and understands the importance of a smooth running, high quality production and the execution thereof on set.

Comedy Experience..

Apart from directing the stand up hit, Trevor Noah’s “The Daywalker”, Kyle’s directorial work boasts over 20 episodes of “Comedy Central Presents”.

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