Barry Hilton does Australia

A warrant of arrest has been (re)issued for Barry ‘The Cousin’ Hilton for the annihilation of a comedy loving mob in the Sydney area four years ago. Police reports suggest he was shooting from the hip when an unsuspecting no-hoper got hit by a hail of high speed wisecracks. The ensuing fit of laughter ended in tragedy when the patron boarded the bus to Dodo land after flapjacking face down into his stubby. In a related incident, new evidence brought to light suggests that ‘The Cousin’ is also responsible for the pants wetting epidemic in that area in 2007. Barry is considered charmed and dangerous. He should be approached with extreme caution and only once adult nappies are set firmly in place. He’s been on the run since escaping from a South African *bribe facility two days ago. Local resident Betsy de Klerk was fingering him in a line-up (on suspicion of being the funniest) when he simply charmed his way out of it. He was last seen leaving on a jet plane, heading for Australia. * Jail

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