Barry Blomkamp and Vixen

If you are thinking of putting a business/corporate event together soon, and you need a special unique entertainer, and it’s laughter you are after, be sure to contact Barry Blomkamp and Vixen – Barry’s guide-dog.

Barry is one of SA’s top entertainers… and despite the fact he can’t see his audiences, he delivers a richly funny show packed full of great fun stories that will not only leave you and your team with sore tummy muscles – It is guaranteed to deliver lumps of inspiration as well.  And Guide-dog Vixen, puts the chocolate on top and will insure your event to be hugely rewarding with wonderful “take-home” values.

How did Barry Blomkamp find himself on the stages of SA?

From being a successful business man, an entrepreneur, a sportsman, a Motor Racing Driver, and a family man all in his sighted life… To a dramatic accident in his Lotus Sports car which very nearly killed him! Barry says – “I was lucky to only loose my eye-sight.”


“If blind people had sharper sticks, the World would be a much cleaner place!”

Inspiration, Motivation, Key-note speaker, Comedian and Master-of-Ceremonies are all in Barry’s bag of goodies.  Each performance is specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

This is a 6 legged 2 eyed package that will be spoken about long after the event. Barry and Vixen travel all over South Africa, completely independently.

“Go on blind dates.  They will give you a good feeling!”

Barry has been interviewed many times on National TV and radio and his Client list includes most of SA’s bluechips.

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