Barrie Bramley – You’re you and I’m me!

Exploring the generational differences between us

There are many ways to ‘slice and dice’ people. We’ve been doing it for centuries. We profile people by personality, gender, culture, academic qualification….. the list is as long as it is diverse. This presentation explores the correlation between value systems and age groups, commonly known as Generation Theory.

You’re You and I’m Me is a highly edutaining presentation that not only invites people to identify their own generational grouping, but also leaves people with a framework to better understand those around them. A framework that will add value to their communication, management, leadership, and marketing style and understanding.

There is no doubt that GenerationTheory has a role to play in better understanding the value differences of people. I have yet to come across an audience that has been left disappointed by either the content or the delivery of this presentation.

It’s a guaranteed winner in any forum.

Barrie is always available to talk to around each of these presentations as well as the outcomes of your conference. Where diaries permit he is always willing to come into your office for a cup of coffee and conversation (especially if you’re Gauteng based).

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