Barrie Bramley – Talent, Innovation and Trends

Barrie with phoneFirst and foremost Barrie is a Keynote / Conference Speaker. Everything he does supports the presentations he delivers at the 100 odd conferences he speaks at every year. From research, to writing, to interviews, to creating, etc.

Barrie specialises in presenting disruptive thoughts in a business context.

The goal of most conferences includes the need for participants to return to their business and make changes towards future success. In order to change behaviour, people must have a fresh paradigm from which to think. Clients use Barrie to present a fresh set of thoughts to their people, in order to think differently about how they go about their business.

Barrie has spoken in many countries around the world. He speaks on issues like, Talent, Innovation, Leadership, Generations, Social Media / Business, Communication and the Future World of Work.

To book this sought after speaker, give us a call on 011 465 3943 / 082 718 8447 or visit our website for more info –

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