BANKRUPT! – Mark Banks

Comics Choice Awards Lifetime Achiever Recipient
MARK BANKS blazes back to the theatre stage in his hilarious up-to the minute critically acclaimed revue BANKSRUPT!
Comedy that’s just common cents.
BANKS’S unique eye on all that is happening in and around South Africa have always made him a
firm favourite on the theatre and comedy circuits.
BANKSRUPT! Takes a side-splitting look at just how bankrupt we really are! Not just from a financial aspect. . .but bankrupt morally, politically, internationally, psychologically and socially. Mixing up-to-the-minute stand-up with Banks’s invented zany characters, video, visual effects and comedy sketches, BANKSRUPT! delivers a quick-fire laugh a minute rip-roaring one man show from a seasoned comedy legend who is at the top of his game. We meet characters and situations from everyday life in South Africa. . . from classically trained car guards to beginner’s guide to protesting performed by the Jewish Women’s Guild of Yemen, the world’s first news reader mugging, how to raise and train your very own member of parliament. No one and nothing is safe to Banks’s ridicule.
The show contains several added preservatives and the ending has never been seen. Banks feels laughter is definitely the secret ingredient to life and is working in close collaboration with the Dept of Health, SANRAL and a presidential spokesperson.
With a lifetime of comedy under his belt BANKSRUPT! promises to be an hilarious evening’s entertainment with something to touch everybody’s funny bone (hummeratus pantatis)!
Rob Graves, The Bone Digger Gazette.
Terms and conditions apply to nothing.

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