BALLYHOO originated out of Ireland andas defined in the dictionary means “exaggerated publicity”, and in retrospect, it certainly seems ironic that such a name should have been given to such a talented band – yet it is as ironic that they have achieved as much as they have – without exaggerated publicity. BALLYHOO is a name synonymous with success in the South African music industry. Who can forget the smash hit “Man On The Moon” – the song that took them to the top of the charts in 1981, and is still going strong. 


Looking back at some of their hit songs such as “Air Incident, Rock ‘n Roll Party, Mama Microphone & Don’t you Go Walking”, to mention but a few, we experience Rock played with such style, grace and panache. And one fact remains unchallenged – collectively Ballyhoo hold a wealth of experience, which forms the foundation of one of the most dedicated and determined groups around today. 

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Ever since the band’s emergence in the late 70’s, there seems to have been an additional degree of appeal and rapport, whenever they perform – resulting in an unprecedented reaction to their music from people of literally all ages.

Ballyhoo has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe & Asia, performing for Private & Corporate Functions, Festivals & Party’s. 

By maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, they thrive on achieving the ultimate in musical entertainment for their audience. Visually Ballyhoo has always been exciting, and their supreme performance cannot be ignored… It is no wonder, that they are still a most sought-after act for exceptional entertainment!

They play a wide selection of music to suite every occasion, with songs ranging from the 60’s through to Current Hits, and Originals – perfect for Corporate Events, Private Parties & Festivals. 

And of course they are Irish, so they do performances for Irish Theme Nights such as St Patrick’s & Beer Festivals where the music genre is Irish Traditional & Party sing-a-alongs. 

Ballyhoo has an inspiring energy on stage,their vocal strength offers unique versatility,and coupled with their superb musicianship – They guarantee a show well worth watching.

…Ballyhoo has just released their new CD “Defining Moments” which is topping the charts with their song titled “We are the One” and reaching for the Moon again! 

“We are the One” was written by ex-member Mick Matthews titled as “I am the One” and was dedicated to a friend who spent weeks in Intensive Care after a grave motor accident. The song was presented to Ballyhoo for recording, and was changed to the plural by co-writer Fergie, to “We are the One” as he noted it being a song for everyone who has been given a chance. 

It is an encouraging and inspirational song that evokes pride and mostly hope. The lyrics are patriotic, and pays homage to the changes that South Africa has overcome post-apartheid. The song also contributes strongly towards an anthem to all South African sportsmen and sportswomen alike. …a song that would be most fitting for a sports anthem! 

“Defining Moments” includes other notable original tracks such as “Stop, Stop” written by Rick Woolf a fellow musician and producer, and “Better to have Loved & I’ll be Gone” written by Mick Matthews. While covering classics like “Just a Gigalo, The Dance and Paint it Black”, the complete CD portrays the great versatility of Ballyhoo’s music and displays credible vocal ability by its members Ashley, Derrick and Fergie. 

The long awaited album totals 11 tracks and includes the ever so popular song “Man on the Moon”, 2 live recordings “All Shook Up” and a medley of “Queens” greatest hits ….It is a definite must have for any music lover’s collection. Ballyhoo certainly has done South African music proud, once again. 

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