AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence

AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence

AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence personally uses an inside-out approach. I find that I have to be MOST mindful upon waking, as if I don’t catch my mind before it potentially hijacks my day, it can sap all my confidence in a nano-second. So I start “intending” my day and how well it will unfold, offering gratitude for many things through loving kindness meditation and see myself floating through  the day ahead having great meetings, delivering awesome talks, interacting at a deep level with people to acknowledge who they really are.


Then I take it to the external and make sure I look the part for the day. I have learnt to allow myself self care so that I also LOOK confident on the outside. Dressing the best for my body type, being well groomed ( as a reformed nail biter this is an area of weakness for me so I always make sure my nails are looking fab) The two pronged approach works.

And the biggest booster of all – SMILING at people, even those you don’t know! We are all at our most beautiful and confident when we radiate our energy through ourselves, and offer our essence to each other. View Kate profile

AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence

AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence

I am heading to my first meeting tomorrow — any advice?
Firstly, be really clear about what YOU want from the interview. This is not a one way process of them only interviewing you. Stay in your power and be open to life and its opportunities. Even if this is your only interview on the horizon, always keep your options open. Go in with an attitude of enquiring if you actually find the company a good fit for you – your energy, talents, strengths, values and work ethic. Rather say no to one job offer that feels good in order to wait for the interview and company that feels GREAT. Also do your homework on both the company and the person interviewing you. BE yourself, totally — at all times.

If you have to start masking yourself before you even have the job, imagine how awful that is going to feel 5 years down the line. Then, make sure you LOOK the part too.  Yes, you will be judged within 5 seconds of walking in that room, and it can take up to 17 interactions to alter that initial response about you. Check every aspect of your outfit, so that you feel confident and aligned. Get a friend or professional to help you if you need sprucing up in that department.

Take pen and paper in case you wish you take notes, although paying attention and being mindfully present are more vital that notes.  Nerves are normal — if they usually get the better of you, do some dummy interviews with friends or your agency, and perhaps try something alternative such as “rescue remedy” to help settle your nerves. if you find you get clumsy in an interview, perhaps stay away from drinking coffee or tea ( so that you are not tempted to spill it over yourself ).

Above all, trust that your life is going in the right direction, and that if this job is meant to be yours, you cannot mess it up in any way. Follow CSI on Twitter

AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence

What classes should I take at University to prepare for life and business?
Depending on where you are studying, universities offer such diverse courses now, so do a thorough look at whats you can take. Anything that will give you insight into yourself and other people is a must. Courses that will engage your senses and force your brain to be creative, even if not directly related to your degree. Be open. Ask others a few years ahead of you what they would recommend. Think about a semester in social science, psychology, and anything that just “draws you in” for no apparent reason. That might be a key to your passion. Do as many courses as your structure will allow as you may find yourself stumbling across the magic that will inform your life.

How do you handle feelings of envy when other women are advancing faster than you?
If I feel emotions of envy enveloping me, I know that I am feeling inadequate about what I am doing in my own life. It has nothing to do with them. I try to bring my energy back to myself and look constructively at where I feel I’m not stepping up, or perhaps reneging on my own dreams, or  playing small. That person’s path can be an external jolt to remind me I’m not taking myself as seriously as perhaps they are.

And next I try to remember that perhaps they just appear to have things going well, but I have no idea about their whole life and how that is feeling to them — so mostly AskCSI-Kate Emmerson-Self Confidence will attempt to  bring myself out of judgement and stop making assumptions. And then ask — “what is the one thing I can do today to take my career to the next level?”

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