Ashley Hayden

Style: "Destiny Nicole Fox"Ashley Hayden, television presenter, actress, motivational speaker, corporate trainer and MC. She has travelled the globe to shoot in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia, while her appearances on M-Net have ensured that she is an instantly recognizable and glamorous addition to any function.

Having taken away from the cameras to raise a young family, 2006 saw her make a welcome return to showbiz with a role in the BBC production “Coup”, as well as finding time to travel the country to host launches, conferences and MC Gala evenings.

Recent highlights include the 100th episode of “The Weakest Link”, where she won the show and donated the money to the SPCA. Dance fans were delighted to discover that she has never been one to back away from a challenge. 2008 saw her taking to the floor for a new series of “Strictly Come Dancing”, where despite breaking her toe early in the series, she continued to the quarter finals. 2010 saw her back on the small screen as one of the contestants in M-Net’s Survivor: Santa Carolina, a grueling undertaking that called on all her resources to make it through to the final. Having set a new Survivor record by winning 5 back to back immunity challenges, South Africa voted her as their choice of Ultimate Survivor. She then went on to win the celebrity charity edition of “Come Dine With Me SA”. 2012/3 saw her as a co-host of “The Complimentary Breakfast”, Jacaranda FM’s morning drive show.

A versatile and talented performer, Ashley has spent the last decade presenting on television and radio, acting for both the big and small screen, hosting numerous events in the corporate sector, and delivering talks to selected audiences. She has been sharing the fruits of her experience with business executives, training them to face audiences and media via her Present Like a Pro Development Programme. She also speaks to female audiences with her Women Mean Business series of talks and seminars, and to mixed audiences with her presentation The Game Of Life which extrapolates lessons learned on a desert island about teamwork, leadership, and individual goals.


Having survived a month stranded on a desert island competing on M-Net’s “Survivor: Santa Carolina”, Ashley extrapolates vital lessons learned and translates them to meaningful interaction in a corporate environment. Her presentation, “THE GAME OF LIFE” examines the importance of teamwork, leadership, and individual survival techniques in business. The talk  provides individuals with accessible and practical survival techniques to not merely survive, but to thrive in their chosen fields.


Trend analysts tell us that we are at the start of a ‘female’ century when reverence for traditionally female qualities is on the rise. We are beginning to change the way we do business due not only to large numbers of empowered, educated and determined women in the work place, but also the  growing percentage of female consumers who are demanding a voice in the marketplace. They communicate differently; they set goals, and put plans in place based on different criteria.

How can you get the most out of the female value for your organisation? Do you know how to speak to you female staff/clients?

Ashley Hayden unpacks the very qualities that make women unique, and looks at the best (and worst) that women bring to the table, how they think, what they want, and how to utilize their strengths to your company’s best advantage.


25 years ago, Ashley Hayden arrived in Johannesburg with 3 suitcases and one hundred rands. The journey from unknown and impoverished wannabe to household name is one filled with heartwarming home truths and outrageous stories, amusing anecdotes and disturbing situations along the way. The presentation is lighthearted in delivery, but contains situations in which we all find ourselves – times when we are tested and have no idea which way to turn. Join Ashley for a healthy dose of laughter, inspiration and practicality that will have you believing that anything you set your mind to is possible.

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