The Art of Courage – Si Ekin

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As you might know I have put a stake in the ground on the subject of courage. I am a relentless stand for people being courageous in the world. The access to courage is vulnerability; risking ourselves in the name of progress, miracles and transformation.

If you are like me, the thought of taking on my fears and being courageous is a scary prospect. But not half as scary as living a small, scared and insignificant life.

Here are three simple ABC steps to help you live an extraordinary and courageous life:

A for Authenticity:
Authenticity has become a modern buzz word, which most people find a ‘nice’ word. It’s not a nice word. It’s a horrible word, particularly to our ego, doubts and fears, because it means telling the truth. Authenticity is telling it like it is, exactly. The good news is that by being authentic, you set yourself free. Like the truth it sets you free but at first it will p*** you off.

Where are you not being authentic with yourself and others? What action can you take today in just being straight and saying it like it is?

B for Belief:
What is belief? The All Black Rugby team has belief. Their captain, Richie McGraw was asked why they win so much. “Because we always believe we will,” he said. Like that. They don’t know for sure they will win, but they throw it out there and never, ever give up.

Where have you given up that you could pick up, dust off and get serious about?

C for Craziness:
What we call ‘crazy’ is actually ‘normal’, yet how most of us behave, is actually ‘crazy.’ I mean, isn’t it crazy to not speak up and be straight and true, and stand on a box and shout it to the world if need be, rather than keep it to ourselves? Anyone who ever made a difference was, let’s face it, a little crazy, because crazy is new, it’s out of the box, its authentic, its revolutionary. Let’s face it, not much happens without craziness.

What are you not doing that is your ‘crazy’ idea? What can you do today that would be you being great, risking yourself and being out there in the world?

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