Are you a Super Woman? – Haydee Antezana

Haydee AntezanaAre you a Super Woman? – Haydee Antezana

Super Woman Syndrome is a severe global condition suffered by many women in today’s demanding, fast paced world-its commonly known as the expectation that a woman can and should do everything. The phrase was coined by American author Shirley Conran in the late 70’s.

The Warning Signs:

Do you constantly feel overworked, overwhelmed and overly committed?
Do you feel the need to do it all?
Do you feel exhausted, anxious and stressed most of the time?
Do you rarely say “no” to others?
Do you feel the need to be the perfect mother/wife/daughter?
Do you over analyse and worry constantly?
Do you have a hard time relaxing?
Do you have difficulty in asking for help?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions… don’t worry – you are not alone – please read on…

The Cure = Superwoman Survival Strategy

Recognise Forks in the Road – adapt to these before you speed wobble. Remember adaptability = durability.

Be Willing to Accept Failure and don’t dwell on it.

Give away all “Superwoman clothing”. Anything that reminds you of all the failed fad diets and pills. Like those size 6 Levi jeans you last got into in high school.

Have a plan for your day. If you don’t someone will come up with one for you!

Learn to say “No!” – “I am not able to do that right now” – “Sorry, I have already made other plans!” – and – “No, there is no age requirement for using the washing machine!”

If you are not a ‘cook’ . . . admit it! Don’t attempt to make a Jamie Oliver creation for your husband’s boss. Visit your local Spar-order their home -made meals.

Take a day off – when your temperature is over 40c. Trust me, when you arise, your house, family, pets and other obligations will still be there. . .

Simplify the “to do” list. Ask yourself “What am I really capable of doing well today?” As Superwomen we tend to strain compulsively towards impossible goals. Realise you are a “Human Being not a Human Doing.”

Indulge in the 4 pillars of health – regular exercise, good nutrition (limit caffeine & sugar), proper sleep and relaxation.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude. Give thanks- before you go to sleep each night for all the small or large successes of your day. “And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count.
It’s the life in your years.”  
Abraham Lincoln

You will soon see how many benefits will come from taking off your Superwoman cape and enjoying life without having to do it all.

“I salute you for being an awesome, caring, inspiring women to all those around you.”


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