Can a Leopard change its spots? Of course it can! You will, of course, think I have been drinking polluted
Control your anger Anger is a valid emotion - both to experience and to express. But you and the people
Dr David Molapo - Leadership
Dr David Molapo states that one of the reasons some people never have happy today's is that they continue to
Premium Speakers of Substance
What if you could have Richard Branson, Desmond Tutu, or Diane Keaton speak at your next event then Three Reasons
Callie Roos-Leadership Teamwork
Callie Roos - Leadership Teamwork is a serious player in re-building the South African nation in both spirit and mind
Theo Venter-Inspirational Speaker
Theo Venter - Inspirational Speaker presentation of 'Just Another Day' revolves around the day he was exposed to 22,000 volts