"THE FUTURE IS UNPREDICTABLE" If you embrace this fact, you are a foxy futurist - someone who plays different scenarios
Your Attitude determines Success
Everyone who needs motivation, including non profit organizationsand schools Feel Good Motivation speakers from Conference Speakers Most people who are
Is being the leader in your industry really a benefit? According to Zipf's Law, it is. The following article by
Andy Rice - Brand Strategy
Andy Rice - Branding speaks regularly at local and overseas conferences and seminars, and hosts a weekly advertising feature on
Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger says Thought-leadership positions you as an expert in your industry. Can you do it on purpose? We lavish
Riaan Manser - Icy Adventure
After finally answering the question on everyone’s lips ‘what’s next for Riaan Manser?’ Riaan Manser - Icy Adventure is on
Does your Sales team need more training? Or does your Thought-Leadership need work? Sometimes, when sales are down, it’s not
Whatever your field of expertise, don’t you wish you had been born a Mozart? A child prodigy? A natural genius?
There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an
Can a Leopard change its spots? Of course it can! You will, of course, think I have been drinking polluted