Premium Speakers of Substance
We are so excited to share this news with you. We have been working feverishly, scouring the Earth (and we're
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Hanli Prinsloo
Hanli Prinsloo speaks with animation and passion about freedom, fear, risk and purposeful living. Stories of record breaking deep freedives
Clem Sunter – Scenario Planner
In April, 2020 I wrote an article describing four possible scenarios for how the coronavirus pandemic could play out: “Much
When to Say
Can you imagine saying no to revenue? It doesn’t sound right, does it? Ironically enough, that’s exactly what might be
Ferial Haffajee
Ferial Haffajee is a South African editor and journalist. She is currently editor-at-large, Huffington Post SA and also editor of
Zanele Njapha
As a Global Speaker, Zanele Njapha has captivated global audiences with her sensational keynotes and thought-provoking unlearning facilitations. She challenges
Dr. Somadoda Fikeni
Dr. Somadoda Fikeni was born in the Eastern Cape,  within the Afred Nzo District Municipal area in South Africa, Somadoda Fikeni
Noa Belling
Noa Belling is an internationally published, bestselling author and psychotherapist with special focus on the mind-body relationship. Noa masterfully guides
Me and Mr Green
Me and Mr Green is the brainchild of Dan Green who, after nine years of leading the successful Me and