Annie the real estate agent – thanks for the referral! – Sarah Bauling

Saying “thank you” for a referral is probably one of the strongest ways to win loyal raving fans!

When our family got a little bigger we decided it was time to buy a bigger house – the problem here was not the buying – but the selling!

We were referred to a bubbly estate agent called Annie and she was wonderful!
She bounced in daily with potential buyers and never lost enthusiasm.

There’s another guy called Murphy, he wrote “Murphys law” – I am sure you are familiar with him!
So “Murphy” happened…. Our geyser burst and being Summer, within 2 days of waiting for the insurance company to arrive the house smelt pretty disgusting!

We advised Annie that now was not a good time to view the house –with a broken ceiling, carpets stinking to high heaven and water damage on almost every cupboard in the house the chances of her selling the house were below zero.

She however had a client who insisted on viewing the property – she only had 2 days in Johannesburg before heading back to the coast. So with some reluctance and huge embarrassment on our part she arrived with her “potential buyer”. Somehow (and I still have no idea HOW) the client walked in, managed to hold her breath long enough to view the property and see the potential. She handed us an offer to purchase!
Imagine our surprise!

Of course Annie helped US find our new dream home and I guess that was that.

2 years later my brother immigrated and needed to sell 3 of his rental properties – we recommended Annie and the very day she viewed my brothers properties we received a plant and a simple “thank you for the referral.”

That plant is still growing in our beautiful garden (in the house Annie helped us find) and every time we refer her to someone we get a beautiful plant and a hand written thank you note!

Would I ever NOT refer her? No ways – she’s my “number one” real estate agent!

Don’t forget to thank for your “loyal raving fans” for their referrals – it’s easy to do and keeps you top of mind!

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