Anele Mda is a 40 year old South African who have grew up in a small town of Bizana in the Eastern Cape Province. She comes from a family of well-known activists, academics as well as astute business people most of whom are self-taught. She has built a profile of an activist on many areas but with more focus on social and gender spheres.

She has a whopping 18 years’ experience of Corporate, non-governmental and government work experience that is accompanied by a wealth of exposure, massive network and most of all her unending passion for changing people’s lives. She is a Strategic Communicator, Stakeholder Relations Practitioner, Change Management and Transformation Specialist. Book through Conference Speakers

Anele Mda - Leadership Conference MC

Anele Mda – Leadership Conference MC

Anele Mda

Anele is astute in the following areas

  • Transformation Coach who specialises in personal transitioning, leadership and creating balance in personal growth and human development
  • Motivational and Public Speaker (Have been speaking for 8 years now)
  • Corporate MC/Programme Director
  • Conference Facilitator/Moderator
  • Freelance Public Relations Practitioner
  • Mentor
  • Renowned Gender and Social Activist
  • Dynamic Writer and Commentator
  • Entrepreneur

Anele has extensively been recognised for the work she has been doing amongst many are:-

         Named 2009 TOP 200 Young Leaders by Mail and Guardian

         Named the Most Inspiring Youth Leader by True Love in 2010

         Awarded a certificate of Recognition for Selfless Service and People Skills by Mthatha Legal Center

         Recognised by the US President Barrack Obama as one of the Emerging African Young leaders in Public Office in 2011.

Anele Mda - Leadership Conference MC

“My life is inspired by the zeal and tenacity of underdogs who are never seen as champions until they reach the top of the mountain yet all the time they were climbing no one took notice yet they make it in life self-cheered and without much needed support”    Anele Mda

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