An eagle eye in trouble times…

This morning I woke up with a feeling of total despair, the feeling of not doing enough. Not having enough, not knowing where to start and not knowing where I wanted to go.

This uneasy feeling of negativity was so out of character and my first reaction was to boot it out of the door…shut it out and ignore this feeling. “Pull yourself together Lizette” was my first self-talk for the morning, and then it dawned on me.

An eagle eye in trouble times…

What if, it is not so easy to get out of this feeling? There must be something that triggered this emotion. Shouldn’t I explore the trigger?

How many times do we wake up overwhelmed, heart ached, saddened, negative, despondent and lost? We manage to cope for a day or two, a week, a month and then one morning we crumble down to pieces. It is on these days, we need to create Magic. Our very own magic. 

You might say, “Great another hoo-ha guru, nothing is going to change. I had enough of all the let’s do action talk…I need to know how, where, what, when and why.”

It dawned on me, it is only when we realize we need to survive, whether it is physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually we have a platform to start and excel to greatness. What is your platform today?

My mind started racing, thoughts tumbled through my head and then soar like an Eagle took over and the one thing led to another…in times of despair, negative self-talk and overwhelming circumstances we need to adopt the mindset of an eagle. Become the eagle and own it with stature and power.

More specifically, I realized to have a total bird’s eye view we need to step higher, step back of the challenges and look at the bigger picture. Find ourselves in an objective space, leaving the emotions out of it and see it for what it really is. Are we blurring the facts by how we feel, are these real facts or just wants?

Once this picture becomes clearer we can focus on priority, the true trigger, the most accessible prey to “eat” today. What is the do or die of the day?…we cannot live our whole life in one day.

This brought me to the eagle and I’ve learned that the Eagles view is 340 degrees opposed to the humans 180 degrees. So many times we have tunnel vision and only see the challenge right in front of us, instead of turning our headspace and get the bigger picture, see the different options to pursue and how to pick up on our own unique way and solution. We don’t need to follow the norm, but we can create our own path to success.

It is at this moment we become the eagle. Just like the eagle, it is time to focus and totally zoom into the prey, and the rest of the world needs to become a blur. With precision, the eagle tackles the prey, kills it with determination and devours the reward. He savors the moment to build on the next, and then rest for the day.

Isn’t it time that we take one step back and see the bigger picture? What does your real picture look like? Are you blurring it with emotions? To whom are you comparing it to?

Now is the time, face true reality and then focus on today’s prey with an eagle eye. Breathe, feel the heartbeat, feel the adrenaline, then zoom in and then pursue as if your life depends on it. Can you feel it, it is yours for the taking. Everything you need is within you, dig deep and go for it.

Reap the reward, conquer the prey and allow yourself to move forward and conquer life.

An eagle eye in trouble times…

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