On the 22nd of this month, (22 November 2015), Allan’s ten-and- half year period on parole will expire and finally bring to an end an horrific 38-year nightmare.

On 3rd August 1977, Allan was sentenced to a 15-year sentence for 5 bank robberies. Whilst at Zonderwater Prison he met Andre Stander, a former police captain, who was serving a 17-and-a-half year sentence for bank robberies.

In 1983 they escaped from prison and robbed 22 banks in 6 weeks in Johannesburg.

Stander was eventually shot dead by USA police in Fort Lauderdale. Allan fled to the UK where he robbed a security guard, was arrested and sentenced to  a 9-year prison term.

Whilst in prison in the UK, he studied philosophy through the Open University and came to realise how and why we make choices and decisions by understanding how freedom of choice can be embraced in a positive way. It is an extension of a positive self-worth and self-respect.

Let Allan to take you through his life-changing transformation which ultimately transformed him into a calm, passive and resilient person, able to deal with many many more years in prison until his eventual release on parole from the Krugersdorp prison on 18 May 2005.

In his words: “Happiness is a choice, success… a decision.”

Thank you so much for never having given up on me.

This month Allan’s 10 year parole comes to an end – he will finally be free!