Alison Botha

Alison Botha has been speaking on the professional speaking circuit for several years.

Her aim to ‘make a difference’ has been overwhelming as she has spoken to countless thousands of people which include large business corporations, women and social groups as well as several schools.

She has addressed international audiences in over 20 different countries including the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. Now available to book for your conference event through Conference Speakers

Audiences sit in rapt attention as Alison speaks of the brutally cruel torture to which she was subjected and how she has overcome the challenge of that experience by applying her own ABC – Attitude, Belief and Choice.

Alison Botha

You learn to recognise the importance of attitude at all times. You will gain insight into the power of belief in yourself and she will share of the freedom and responsibility of making choices, no matter what happens in your life.

Not everyone has the natural talent to inspire others from bad experiences but her message teaches how valuable life is and that the solutions to the challenges facing us lie within ourselves.

Alison Botha weaves her three strands of her life’s philosophy – attitude, belief, choice – into an unbreakable lifeline of strength for all to hold onto as a life skill never to be forgotten.

The documentary is built around an intimate interview with Alison, who had protected the film rights of her story until coming to an agreement with director Uga Carlini. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

The film tells the story of the brutal attack in 1994 in which Alison was raped, stabbed in the abdomen 37 times, disemboweled and her throat slashed 17 times and what has happened in Alison’s life since – a side to her audiences hasn’t come to know or see just yet.

A story of magic, monsters and hope like none other and proof that we can be the heroes in our own stories.

Penguin Books S.A. published Alison Botha story “I HAVE LIFE” in November 1998.

The book recounts in riveting fashion the story of her ordeal, will to live and miraculous recovery, both physically and mentally.

A powerful message of inspiration written in an un-putdownable style.

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