Albert Gumbo

There is no better choice than an independent key note speaker like Albert Gumbo. Senior management are constantly looking to motivate staff. He is a thought provoking speaker and trainer who will motivate staff when companies struggle to light the spark in their employees.

Albert Gumbo

Change agent

With over a dozen years of management experience in multi ethnic, racial, national and international environments, in addition to being well travelled, Albert easily slots in to any company environment to make a positive and sustainable impact through his speaking.

Winning teams

Successful teams are made up of winning individuals and when the individual members of a team respond to Albert’s motivation, the company stands to benefit. His topics are calculated to challenge individuals to take stock with a view to making changes where they are needed to take their lives to a new level.

Soft skills training

Having run two training institutes in the extremely challenging economic environment of Zimbabwe, Albert has the experience and competence to run programmes on leadership, management and supervisory development for trying times. As a globalised world becomes increasingly more demanding and responsive to events far from African shores, Albert Gumbo will help management and staff cope with the pressure that comes from events both foreseen and unexpected.

Albert’s portfolio includes the following:

  • P.A.S.S.I.O.N. (a motivational talk)
  • Coping in stressful economic times (Motivational talk)
  • Emotional Intelligence for personal mastery
    • Aimed at all levels of staff and customised to suit audience
    • One day workshop with manual
    • Self-assessment exercises (can be done online)
  • The Leadership Engine
    • Aimed at senior management
    • Discover the four Es of leadership
    • One day workshop with manual
  • The Power Of Habit
    • Lessons in personal development
  • The Discipline of Market Leaders
    • Aimed at senior and middle management
    • Strategic choices for companies
    • One day workshop with manual
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • Aimed at all staff and customised for different audiences
    • Developing a culture of service in organisations
  • The Cost of Complacency (an anti-fraud programme)

He is an accredited facilitator for the global SMI programme which is offered in 60 countries.

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