Adapt die – Digital Disruption

The fast pace at which Adapt die – Digital Disruption is taking place is clear that the cyber space is an integral driver of economic activity. Apart from the fact that companies need to adopt new IT systems, there also has to be that adaptation of business models that will create a technology friendly environment within businesses.

In a typical organization there are a few things that can hamper the adaptation of technology based business models and ultimately force the company into closure. The following are the enemies of digital transformation in a business context.

Adapt die – Digital Disruption

Inadequately trained staff.

The question to be asked in staff development is always: what if I don’t train my people and they stay with the company? You will probably be stuck with people that cannot take the business anywhere.

Lack of a technology friendly management.

Ultimately with the adoption of any technology there must always be a buy in from management if the path has to be cleared. When the work environment is rigid and is not technology friendly the company takes long to adjust. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Lack of Infrastructure.

Bothe companies and government have a role to play in ICT infrastructure development for facilitate the smooth and fast paced digital transformation. ICT infrastructure development leads to high levels of internet connectivity which ultimately leads to high levels of internet consumption. Currently 62% of transactions take place on the internet, which is an even more compelling reason for a paradigm shift in the technology space.

Tlou Mathatho 

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