A handwritten note – Sarah Bauling

downloadThis small gesture may not apply to every business, but if it could be applied to yours it’s a great touch that you may want to consider.

With technology very few people WRITE a hand written note. I know I look forward to my grannies cards and letters because I know how much time she has spent putting it together for me and it makes me feel good!

Can you give your clients a hand written note? Something that makes them feel valued that you, as the owner or employee, took the time to do.

We had an unhappy client which we managed to win back, instead of just processing the booking and waiting for them to collect their tickets, Bill wrote a simple note in a card that simply said “Hi Rob and Rene, So glad we were able to sort out the problem – we are looking forward to having you on board with us soon! Warm regards, Bill”

Rob called me that afternoon to say how he appreciated Bill taking the time to acknowledge them personally and that that small gesture had instantly turned him into a “Loyal Raving Fan”!

This may not apply to ALL businesses – but if there is an opportunity to do it – DO IT! It’s a simple gesture than can make a customer feel like a million dollars – and THAT is what exceptional customer service is all about isn’t it?

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