A Customer Service Attitude will change YOUR life…. – Sarah Bauling

Having the privilege of being around so many customer service orientated individuals I often reflect on how it affects their own lives.

Many of our friends run their own businesses so they are all about delivering “Exceptional Customer Service”. I see how they talk to their partners, their friends, their children and even complete strangers. I note how they allow taxis to push in front of them, wave and smile! I take note of how they speak to waiters in a restaurant and the same things happen over and over again – People are friendly back to them, they don’t get uptight about the little things in life, they get to laugh – A LOT and seem to have a pretty good “all over” attitude. They get to see the good side of things, their cups are often not half full, they are overflowing and in general “Life is pretty darn good”!

Then I compare them to those who have the attitude of “Business would be great if it weren’t for the clients” – I bet you know one or two of those types!
They generally treat people with defiance, stubbornness, irritation and annoyance. They go home and get uptight with their partners, irritated with their kids, frustrated with the taxis and when you talk to them “everything is wrong with the world”.

Treat every person you come across – even if YOU are the customer – with an “Exceptional Customer Service attitude” you will not believe how this changes the way people react to you, you will be blown away how it touches every area of your OWN life.
If you are living and breathing it every day – it will become a habit that will fulfil your life in unimaginable ways.

Give it a try, treat that annoying taxi, long faced shop assistant and even the grouchy waitress with a little of YOUR customer service attitude and watch the magic happen!

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